Hello everyone. We are here in Savannah GA. Out on the famous Tybee island. Kate and I out here with a NYC crew visiting old friends and hanging out. I’ll be posting pics so check early and often.

update: we went to the SeaGrass bar last night out here on the island for a bit of fun karaoke times. The great, Stuff (Steph) did it the best with her brilliant rendition of Roll’n on the River. I only wish I had recorded the entire thing!

My friends the sweet taste of vacation is closing in on me. Friday morning Kate and i will be returning to birth place of our union, a place we can for some reason only remember fondly. Savannah Georgia. We are making what as become our yearly spring time trip down south to help our friend BVA celebrate his birthday. The extra bonus for us is that we get so see a few old friends from our college days. Days that both Kate and I miss horribly .
The only thing that I’m not looking forward to on this trip is falling off the wagon. Yes, with the triathlon closing in on us I’ve been much much better with what I’m eating and more importantly what I’m drinking. Last weekend saw me complete my 4 mile run in 34 min. Significant progress from only a few weeks ago when I was running it at an embarrassing 48 min. As a side note: After I completed with my new faster time Tiger Woods’s (yes the Tiger Woods) voice came across my headphones to congratulate me on running my fastest mile. I’m not sure how to feel about this. I mean Tiger is in good shape and my guess is the guy can run a mile much faster than me. The tone of his voice seemed a bit too eager to congratulate. I’m not saying he was making a pass at me, I’m almost certain he was making a pass at the mannish looking lady that was in the sound booth recording this inspirational message. Don’t get me wrong though I’m glad he’s taken a personal interest in me.
I’m trying to navigate the Nike Plus site so I can share my progress… now that i have progress. Check out this link see if you can make any sense out of it. Forgive me if i miss a few days my record breaking run seemed to hurt my right knee. Not the joint just what feels to be the muscles on the outside of the knee. No worry I consulted Dr. John and he gave me some stretches to do to hopefully put me back on track.

omg ROMA let’s be honest Kate and I were tired going into Rome. This has been a non stop trip. I dare say we’ve walked over 100 miles before Rome and then we walked 100 more.
Rome was just what we needed after being disappointed by Florence. 
We checked into the hotel around 1 the first day. We decided after all the walking and traveling it would probably be best to take it easy for the rest of the day.……… we didn’t do that. We got out on the street and started walking. Got some lunch and headed for the Treve Fountain. You know the Treve Fountain it’s in every movie that’s ever been shot anywhere near Rome. Then as if with out trying at all we stumbled on the Colosseum. We all know that one as well and yes it is cool and almost surreal to be stand next to. Being that it was the end of the day we saw only the out side and walled around the outside of the Roman Forum as well. Then it was off to dinner at Pizza Ricci which in my humble opinion was the best meal of the trip. It was a real pizzaria with amazing personal size pizzas. It was just what we had been looking for. The resturaunt it’s self was amazing inside. 
The next day was the full indepth tour of the Colosseum and the Forum. The hotel had free wifi (the only one on the entire trip (savages) ). So we were able to download to our phones free Rick Steves audio tours of each. Kate and I have a love hate relationship with Mr. Rick that continued on with these audio tours. They were very informative and difficult to follow. Rick’s voice rings of an annoying highschool math teacher that thinks he’s funny but just makes humor want to kill it’s self. Mr. Babula I’m looking at you on this one.  Those two sights took the entire day. On our way to dinner we stopped at an Irish Bar (seemingly the only real bars Italy can figure out how to construct) to relax. Then off to dinner in the square near out hotel for more meat cheese and pasta. Ahhhhhhhhhh. 
The next day as if by requirment after reciveing that papal blessing we went to the Vatican. I know this is going to sound crazy but I thought the colonade that reaches out around the Vatican square was going to be larger but I had built it up in my mind. It was still amazingly large though.  After having lunch with the Pope where he bored us with stores of saints and sinners and heaven and hell, we moved on to St. Peter’s basillica which is out of control. There’s a reason it’s the flagship church for the entire faith. I can’t describe it so I won’t try but if you can I’d try to make it over here to see it. It’s the only over done church that’s not gaudy. The sheer size of it is mind crushing.  Little note from our friend Rick. The Catholics stripped marble off the Colosseum to help construct St. Peter’s. Not Cool!
After that as if again by requirment we went to see the Sistine Chapel. Too many people! This was in October so I can’t imagine the amount of people in the summer. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. The Rick Steves audio tour this time was really quite good. 
After a quick lunch it was off to the Spanish Steps. By this time we had walked so much the bottom of our shoes had started to melt but it was our last day and the Spanish Steps was still on the list. After a bit of struggle we made it and sat for at least two hours. We were entertained the entire time by a group of teenaged kids on a school trip drinking like it was the end of days. Kate and I feeling old and uncool went to buy a bottle of wine to try and join in on the debauchery and succeded in our own controled way. Then some shopping and finally found a great Rick recomdation for dinner.  Then one more stop at the Treve Fountain and back to the hotel to sleep and sleep and sleep. 

I’m tapping this out from the airport in Rome ready to see the US again. We had an amazing time but we both miss buttFUZZ and burritos.  In my estimation we’ve taken over 1500 pictures which I’ll post on flickr. The best I’ll put here on dport7 along with the much anticipated wedding photos. 
See you all soon!!!!!!! 

Florence…… italy you can keep it. Not that it’s an awful place it just  lacks any kind of charator. It’s just a big city with a white and green marble chruch, Mike’s David and a ton of 13 and 14 century art (which btw is all religious and the same). We went to the two major art museums the Uffizi and the Accademia. Saw the big ones like the Birth if Venus and some Caravagio’s but the majority is JC and Maddona and Child. The main attraction in Florence is The David. We were impressed. It is massive. I think that’s what really makes it special. The entire country is packed with sculpture but it’s all very similar. David is a triumph.
That white and green marble church I mentioned is the Duomo. no pictures to show you right now but if you went to art school you would recgonize the big red tile dome. What you didn’t know is that it was designed by the hambergler. The green and white marble has turned black and grey over time to now resemble prison stripes. The amount of decoration on this place would make the ladies from Long Island cringe.

Sienna…… I barely new her. Being that after one day in Florence we had conquored the toursty shit we decided to take our underwhelmed selves to Sienna. Sienna is in the Tuscany region of the country and is said by many to he the most beautiful. So we jumped on a train and headed that way. Sadly we arrived in a thunderstorm. So we ducked into a fake irsh bar (note: one thing we can not stand is the lack of real bars in this country. No! I don’t want to have a drink at the corner store. I want to sit in a dark loud bar!) till it blew over and to get some much needed food. While inside we met this guy from Texas named Brandon and he offered to show us around when the
rain stopped. After a bit the rain quit and Brandon walked us down to Il Campo the main square. On our way we asked what he was doing in Sienna. Oh man!!! Long story short he said his baby mama, a rich girl from Texas had been preggers with his kid unbenounced to her parents.  One day right before the child was born her parents said “hey, let’s take a family trip to Florence Italy” so they all jumped on a plane ( she’s 27 and lives at home btw so family trips can happen like that.) While in Florence she has the child. Her parents both being doctors force her to have the baby in the hotel room so no one would know of it’s existance. If you haven’t guessed the parents hate our new friend Brandon because he is “black and a DJ”. So with a baby birthed in secret the Parents tell the baby mama that she has to abandon the baby or they will take her passport and leave her in Italy pennyless and rich girl stupid. Being stupid she agrees to abandon the baby and goes to leave it at a near by church then flees back to Texes with mom and dad. Once she’s back in the US Brandon starts asking questions. Sooner or later he finds out what happened after much struggle. Now he’s on Sienna staying with family friends getting a DNA test trying to prove the baby is his. He claims after the media found out about the story 20/20 offered to help him out with everything in exchange for the story. Kate and I don’t believe any of this but it did make for a good story. 
The rest of Sienna was nice. I got a new wallet from my favorite Euro store Manderina Duck. Then we hoped back on the train back to Florence. 
On the way to Rome now. Kinda exhausted. See you there!  Sorry for the crap pics. One is a David copy in the square the other well who knows.

Kate and I beat the crap out if this vacation. With a just a bit over two days we pckes in a whole weeks worth of fun. Yesterday after bombing around what felt like the entire island on the scooter we went to the swanky white elephant restaurant for dinner. As always it was a delight. Kate had the tuna and I had the stuffed lobster. Today with out flight off the island leaving at 1:30pm we decided to take the early fishing trip with our old friend capt’n Mark aboard the “let’s do it two”. Things started off slow with the first half of the trip void of fish. After a quick jaunt beyond the bay Kate and I were ready to call it quites with sea sickness. Capt’n Mark didn’t let us down and as if magic took us to a spot that yielded 9 fish in our last 20 min. Both Kate and I caught 2 fish on one cast. Kate although came out the winner with a 28inch stripper bass that was fit for keeping under Mass. State law. After 2 1/2 hours and 9 fish Kate and I were beat.
We’re at the airport now with screaming kids behind us and to tires to shoot them an evil eye that would make them cry. Please god give me the strength.

Lastly it has come to my attention that here is a fake facebook account that’s been set up for me. This “person” is using the name “Paul Frank” and is pretty much ripping off my dport7 posts. This is both creepy and flattering. Just beware if you friend me on facebook it’s not me. Special thanks to the imposter.

well it’s day 2 and the only full day we have here on the island. So far we’ve beat that odds and the sun has come out for us. We rented a scooter and as always it just adds fun to the day. We’ve put in some beach time and have made our way around the island. We’ve been staying at this bed and breakfest (that shal remain nameless) but the guy who runs it is named Hazeal. Hazeal is about as crazy as they come. We have to sneak out of the place to keep him form cornering us and telling stories about the island. Jerry Stiller (georges dad on Seinfield) lives out here and Hazeal gave us a long talk about how he’s not funny. Crazy!

Well that’s right Kate and I eascaped from New York in secret this morning. The photo below shows us struggling at 6am at the Jet Blue gate at JFK.

just left the whaleing museum. Ok so this is a picture of a real whale. This guy beached himself and then the locals in an effort to be as badass as the old time moby dick type whalers cut it up and made a documentary out of it. Kathylee was not involved.

what’s a vacation without a visit to the Lobster Trap. Let me be clear I love lobster and went for it with the 1 1/2 pounder. Kate chose to stick with 1 1/4. Although they look exactly the same to me. I don’t know what it is or how they do it but every island lobster stop I’ve ever been to seems to be able to re-create the same vibe and menu. Is it all one big chain? Or maybe it’s worst ….. Lobster is lobster and the sweat seasoning I’d vacation makes it the best you’ve ever tasted.
As always dport7 has gone the extra mile for you and included the lobster eating directions for you. Along with the image of the local golden lobster god that is worshiped here. It’s not weird it’s a accepted division of scientology.

faithful believe it or not i went on a mini VACATION last weekend!!!!! kate and i joined our friends BVA, DVA, and our new friend Nicki at a beach house on TYBEE island for a fun filled weekend of old college friends, karaoke, beer, beef, pinkie masters, bingo and all other types on tomfoolery. I’ve posted a bunch of pictures in FRAMES that i hope you’ll enjoy!! It was so great to get a chance to see my old college pals Joel and Jenn!! Being back in Savannah and seeing the students made me long for the “studio fridays” warm days and lost hours at pinkie masters. Well you can’t go back as they say and i won’t waste my time trying, although it does make me feel good/sad to remember how much fun i used to be. The pictures below are the entire team at different stages of the trip. enjoy…. love the kate dance pic. Oh the pic of DVA and nicki show their bingo winnings!!!! BVA also at bingo just hours before big 30. yeah that’s me singing brandy. hooray!

so did you see this? just when you thought you knew the biggest bastard in town good old Billy Bob Thornton comes out of nowhere and takes the taco. I posted this interview Billy Bob did on a Canadian radio station. He just gets mad and refuses to answer questions. To really get into it fast forward to the 6 and a half minute mark. It’s so akward and revolting it’s hard not to watch. If for some reason you were or are a Billy Bob fan, well I hope this changes your mind.

In other news aaron and alison came to visit last weekend and we all had a great time. One great thing about living in New York for 5 years is that after the second year most of the people that are going visit have. So by year 3 it’s gravy. when people come to visit there isn’t any lets go to the top of the rock or visit the moma. It’s just purely hang out time. this i like. I’ll try and post a few pictuers this weekend. I know alison posted some pics on the facebooks but being that i continue to boycott i haven’t been able to see said pictures….
In just a week kate and i head to Savannah and we could not be more excited. I can’t tell you how bad i need to get out of the city. seeing the old savannah sights is really going to lift the old spirits.