Don’t worry I didnt forget about you. Check this out, we were at the airport at crazy o’clock in the morning and the plane was delayed. Jet Blue is awesome and the free wifi in the terminal keep us happy. Once the plane boarded and took off i fell asleep and woke up in Nantucket only 5 minutes later than our scheduled time of arrival. If only JetBlue flew more out of LGA I’d never stray.
We couldn’t check in till 2 so we got a Lobster Omelet and a few Bloody Mary’s and tied to wait it out. A little advice if your at the Even Keel, they make a pretty good Lobster Omelet but they gouge you on the Bloody Mary’s just FYi.
We walked around the harbor where all the boats are parked and man oh man that just makes you feel bad. Massive yachts, where and how do people get all this money? Schools need to start offering classes on making more money. All this hand holding talking about doing what you love is a racquet. I would love owning a vacation home and a huge yacht my friends and I could sail round and party on.
After a thunder storm and and afternoon nap we went for a drink at the Club Car, and made some local friends. This part is kind of a long story. We met this lady named Donna. She has been here for 8 weeks with her son and was happy because she felt they had really bonded right before he left for college. Then the conversation turned dark. She had received a text message from her boyfriend on her way here 8 weeks ago. He wanted to break up. Kate made the observation that he was a coward because he broke up with her over text message. We all agreed and then went on to tell us all about him. They both live in Montclair although she claims that it’s “her town”. According to Donna Montclair is like a little Manhattan with the best restaurants in the world, many of them owned by her EX. This kind of talk went on for a while and Donna seemed to be getting less and less coherent. Recognizing this herself she decided it was time for dinner and made her way around the bar saying good by to the bar staff. Before she left as not to leave us alone in the bar she introduced us to her friend Trevor.
Trevor is a Scottish roofer that has been on the Island for 20 years building his company. Most of his roofing work is in the off season. From what we could gather the rest of his days are spent having a good time. Trevor was in his early 50’s married and had a daughter. He also knew just about every lady in the bar. There seemed to be a bit of tension between Donna and Trevor and at one point there was a slight mention of a Hot tub incident of which Kate and I couldn’t quite muster the courage to get into. I’m not certain but Donna’s exit from the Club Car seemed now to be directly related to the appearance of another women that we can’t remember the name of but was younger hand had long black curly hair. Presumably not Trevor’s wife. At this point I think everyone had had enough to drink and dinner was urgently needed.

Kate and I once again head to the Lobster/tourist Trap. Another great lobster dinner. check out the proof below.

Is it just me or is dport7 gasping for air. The infrequent post the global take over of Facebook and Twitter. Personal blog are dropping off the face of the internet by the hundreds. I’m trying to keep this ship afloat but it’s harder and harder every year. either way it’s still a log of my life so continue I must.

So, there is a lot to talk about. First the triathlon! I survived although not by much. I started my leg of the race (the run) at about 10:30 or 11am and by then it was already 95 degrees. Let’s just say that I made it and leave it at that. Kate on the other hand was a star. She was a pro on the bike like she does this every week.

The next weekend found us in the middle of no where Wisconsin for Ian and Pink’s wedding. Everything was lovely they both looked great and had a genuinely picture-esic wedding. see the pics below along with my flicker It was great to see the Swanson’s along with Big John and Aaron and Allison. Brain was also there from near by Chicago.

Lastly Check out this video I found today. It makes you glad that somewhere out there someone is doing something cool.


Washington DC…… The political epicenter of our nation. Kate and I visited this weekend to not only see a few of our friends, but to enjoy the spectacle that is DC. I’ve only been there once before when I was maybe 12 or so. I know I saw just about everything but the memories like so many from that age are faded. The main objective of the trip was to go to Jen and Wayne’s engagement party outside DC somewhere in Maryland. We drove down on friday after work (in the A4 company car…..fancy! (yes I’m bragging)) and arrived in DC at about 11:30 or so. When driving to DC especially downtown avoid the traffic circles. Listen I lives in Savannah for 4 years and mastered the navigation around circles and squares. DC has going out of there way to make this experience not only frustrating but nearly impossible. I can’t even describe what’s it’s like. I can’t help but think it maybe some clever metaphor for the inane inner workings of our own federal government just a few blocks away.
Saturday we went’s sight seeing with Jen and out friends Jon (jew) and Danielle. I of course wanted to go to the Air asnd Space Museum being that it is filled with awesome. We saw the Spirit Of St. Louis and the Space Capsule ‘s that the Astronauts come back to Earth in. I didn’t want to bore everyone else to much so after we saw the Space Monkey (creepy picture below) we moved out to the Mall for a little frisbee. Then we headed to the American History Museum filled with what I would describe as pop culture history.
Anyway not to bore you just check out the pictures below.
On sunday like I said we went out to the engagement party and it was truly lovely. As you know I grew up Catholic and Jen and Wayne are Jewish. So just hanging out with everyone and hearing the prayers, toasts and what not was really interesting. Everyone was super nice and even though it was a lot of family I didn’t feel all weird and out of place. (normally I do).

In other news the Mad Men Recap has continued to be a powerhouse of success. What’s the secret you ask? Big John Diehl is the secret. The listeners love this guy. The best part and this is true. Several listeners have written us asking if Dr. John is really Jon Hamm. WOW!

creepiest thing ever

this is going to sound crazy but I just signed up for a triathlon. No, I didn’t come up with this one on my own. Kate and Megan decided a few months ago to do this and encouraged me to get my own team together. Yes, team, it’s a relay triathlon so I only have to do one part. It’s also whats called a sprint triathlon so my portion the running is only a 5K. I’m pretty sure I can handle that. Although let’s be honest I’m probably in the worst shape of my life. The last 4 year I’ve watched my metabolism start it’s slow grind to a more a mature halt. The 9 to 12 hours a day i spend behind a computer hasn’t slowed this process. Neither has my long time love affair with burritos. The real stinger in this story is the fact the the other two guys in the relay are effing pro’s. The bike portion is being completed by my coworker Graham who commonly goes on a nightly ride of 30m miles around central park. The swimmer on the team is a friend of Megan’s that swims 2 miles a day. My only credentials are hacking dell netbooks and having the 3D modeling know how to build a Fiat 500. Not helping.
What’s our team name you ask? We will be called The Japanese Danger Duo…. (Duo stands for danger). Yes I understand that there are three of us. No, none of the members on the team are japanese. hence the humor…. trust me on this one. I’ve been asking Kate what their team name is so far no official name has been chosen. What’s their line up? Well Megan will take the first (and what I think may be the most difficult leg) the swim. Kate will be doing the bike portion, and Sarah will most likely lap me on the run.
This weekend the real training begins if it’s not raining, and maybe even if it is. I will test myself on a 5K lap around prospect park. I figure if I use this as my bench mark training ground even and outwardly skinny yet increasingly flabby guy like myself can at least have a good showing at this my first triathlon. I’ve posted a picture of roughly what I may look like on the big day.

omg ROMA let’s be honest Kate and I were tired going into Rome. This has been a non stop trip. I dare say we’ve walked over 100 miles before Rome and then we walked 100 more.
Rome was just what we needed after being disappointed by Florence. 
We checked into the hotel around 1 the first day. We decided after all the walking and traveling it would probably be best to take it easy for the rest of the day.……… we didn’t do that. We got out on the street and started walking. Got some lunch and headed for the Treve Fountain. You know the Treve Fountain it’s in every movie that’s ever been shot anywhere near Rome. Then as if with out trying at all we stumbled on the Colosseum. We all know that one as well and yes it is cool and almost surreal to be stand next to. Being that it was the end of the day we saw only the out side and walled around the outside of the Roman Forum as well. Then it was off to dinner at Pizza Ricci which in my humble opinion was the best meal of the trip. It was a real pizzaria with amazing personal size pizzas. It was just what we had been looking for. The resturaunt it’s self was amazing inside. 
The next day was the full indepth tour of the Colosseum and the Forum. The hotel had free wifi (the only one on the entire trip (savages) ). So we were able to download to our phones free Rick Steves audio tours of each. Kate and I have a love hate relationship with Mr. Rick that continued on with these audio tours. They were very informative and difficult to follow. Rick’s voice rings of an annoying highschool math teacher that thinks he’s funny but just makes humor want to kill it’s self. Mr. Babula I’m looking at you on this one.  Those two sights took the entire day. On our way to dinner we stopped at an Irish Bar (seemingly the only real bars Italy can figure out how to construct) to relax. Then off to dinner in the square near out hotel for more meat cheese and pasta. Ahhhhhhhhhh. 
The next day as if by requirment after reciveing that papal blessing we went to the Vatican. I know this is going to sound crazy but I thought the colonade that reaches out around the Vatican square was going to be larger but I had built it up in my mind. It was still amazingly large though.  After having lunch with the Pope where he bored us with stores of saints and sinners and heaven and hell, we moved on to St. Peter’s basillica which is out of control. There’s a reason it’s the flagship church for the entire faith. I can’t describe it so I won’t try but if you can I’d try to make it over here to see it. It’s the only over done church that’s not gaudy. The sheer size of it is mind crushing.  Little note from our friend Rick. The Catholics stripped marble off the Colosseum to help construct St. Peter’s. Not Cool!
After that as if again by requirment we went to see the Sistine Chapel. Too many people! This was in October so I can’t imagine the amount of people in the summer. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. The Rick Steves audio tour this time was really quite good. 
After a quick lunch it was off to the Spanish Steps. By this time we had walked so much the bottom of our shoes had started to melt but it was our last day and the Spanish Steps was still on the list. After a bit of struggle we made it and sat for at least two hours. We were entertained the entire time by a group of teenaged kids on a school trip drinking like it was the end of days. Kate and I feeling old and uncool went to buy a bottle of wine to try and join in on the debauchery and succeded in our own controled way. Then some shopping and finally found a great Rick recomdation for dinner.  Then one more stop at the Treve Fountain and back to the hotel to sleep and sleep and sleep. 

I’m tapping this out from the airport in Rome ready to see the US again. We had an amazing time but we both miss buttFUZZ and burritos.  In my estimation we’ve taken over 1500 pictures which I’ll post on flickr. The best I’ll put here on dport7 along with the much anticipated wedding photos. 
See you all soon!!!!!!! 

Florence…… italy you can keep it. Not that it’s an awful place it just  lacks any kind of charator. It’s just a big city with a white and green marble chruch, Mike’s David and a ton of 13 and 14 century art (which btw is all religious and the same). We went to the two major art museums the Uffizi and the Accademia. Saw the big ones like the Birth if Venus and some Caravagio’s but the majority is JC and Maddona and Child. The main attraction in Florence is The David. We were impressed. It is massive. I think that’s what really makes it special. The entire country is packed with sculpture but it’s all very similar. David is a triumph.
That white and green marble church I mentioned is the Duomo. no pictures to show you right now but if you went to art school you would recgonize the big red tile dome. What you didn’t know is that it was designed by the hambergler. The green and white marble has turned black and grey over time to now resemble prison stripes. The amount of decoration on this place would make the ladies from Long Island cringe.

Sienna…… I barely new her. Being that after one day in Florence we had conquored the toursty shit we decided to take our underwhelmed selves to Sienna. Sienna is in the Tuscany region of the country and is said by many to he the most beautiful. So we jumped on a train and headed that way. Sadly we arrived in a thunderstorm. So we ducked into a fake irsh bar (note: one thing we can not stand is the lack of real bars in this country. No! I don’t want to have a drink at the corner store. I want to sit in a dark loud bar!) till it blew over and to get some much needed food. While inside we met this guy from Texas named Brandon and he offered to show us around when the
rain stopped. After a bit the rain quit and Brandon walked us down to Il Campo the main square. On our way we asked what he was doing in Sienna. Oh man!!! Long story short he said his baby mama, a rich girl from Texas had been preggers with his kid unbenounced to her parents.  One day right before the child was born her parents said “hey, let’s take a family trip to Florence Italy” so they all jumped on a plane ( she’s 27 and lives at home btw so family trips can happen like that.) While in Florence she has the child. Her parents both being doctors force her to have the baby in the hotel room so no one would know of it’s existance. If you haven’t guessed the parents hate our new friend Brandon because he is “black and a DJ”. So with a baby birthed in secret the Parents tell the baby mama that she has to abandon the baby or they will take her passport and leave her in Italy pennyless and rich girl stupid. Being stupid she agrees to abandon the baby and goes to leave it at a near by church then flees back to Texes with mom and dad. Once she’s back in the US Brandon starts asking questions. Sooner or later he finds out what happened after much struggle. Now he’s on Sienna staying with family friends getting a DNA test trying to prove the baby is his. He claims after the media found out about the story 20/20 offered to help him out with everything in exchange for the story. Kate and I don’t believe any of this but it did make for a good story. 
The rest of Sienna was nice. I got a new wallet from my favorite Euro store Manderina Duck. Then we hoped back on the train back to Florence. 
On the way to Rome now. Kinda exhausted. See you there!  Sorry for the crap pics. One is a David copy in the square the other well who knows.

Cinque Terre like every thing else was beautiful. It’s an area in the Italian Riviaria made up of 5 little villages. We stayed at the one named Montorosso. Our B&B; was amazing. Brand new and full of modern everything. We had our own terrace (seen below all the way to the left) perfect for an afternoon rest with a bottle of prosecco. 
According to Rick Steves (that know it all travel book bastard) Montorosso was the younger more nightlife rich of all the villages. Well, Rick lies!  Not that it’s a problem we hadn’t planed on an all night rager but we had hopped for a crowed under 65. We of course rolled with it and got up the next day ready to take what Rick called a sea side strole to the next town over Vernazza. Again Rick pulled a fast one on us. This stroll turned into a 2 and a half mile hike through the mountains on a trail that at some points was no more than a foot and a half wide which we only had flip flops on to travers. Kate and I are starting to expect this Rick Steves bastard is trying to kill us. Eff you Mr. Rick!!!
That aside the hike was beautiful. It was sunny and the veiw of both towns from the top of the mountain was glorious.  The hike really took it out of us. Especally me, my usual work out routine involves a mouse, a monitor and a pint of warnish tea.
With all that hikeing under our belts we enjoyed a dinner at Miky’s (a famouse local restuaunt) . This morning we boarded another train and are quickly making our way to Florence. I’m tapping this post out as we zip through little towns just a few minutes from stop 3 on our tour. Chech back in a day or two…. Rome is next!!!!!

Venice!! I can’t even describe it. All the streets are like alley ways so it’s one big maze. You can litterally take a picture of everything. It’s rustic on top of old on top of rustic. Any where else run down building are off putting. Not here, in-fact the entire city looks as if it’s tetering on colapse and it’s a gloriouse sight. Kate and I explored the city to the fullest extent in the time we had. Seeing museums churches and resturaunts all one after another. Now listen, I’m not a museum kinda guy but the Peggy Guggenheim museum was a winner. If you like modern art like we do give this one a try while your here.  San Marco is of cousre a force in it’s own right. Massive amounts of space surrounded by the Doges Palace. At night the lights in every window and the haze of the city makes for a movie type setting. That and so much more has been our Venice trip.
Right now we are on a train to Monterosso for some sun and relaxation. I’ve got blisters from all the walking in Venice and I’m looking forward to this part of the trip.
Posted from the train!!! More in a few days!!!

so just to keep the posting on a roll. I was is sayville long island this weekend. our friend megan had an old style high school type kegger and it was great. things were a bit rainy but that keg got done…. today was to the beach and then home.. big huge thanks to megan it was a great time!!!!! pictures below are one a lawn wood bear i liked. the other is how i remember things being.

This weekend was kate’s bridal shower in defiance ohio. tha’t’s right my home town.. how did it feel to go back? well to be honest the house i grew up in looks great. i would love to have a few days there just to sleep and relax. defiance it’s self has seen better days. I think like a lot of small towns, this latest economic down trun has hit pretty hard. Either way it was a nice time my parents put together quite a good shower weekend. I’ve included a few pics from the weekend, the first is most of the family minus my dad. second is mad cat. mad cat hangs around my house and terrorizes all the other cats, and is generally kinda a bastard. the last shot is my grandfather’s dog buddy, or as he’s known around those parts cat killing dog.. don’t let him fool you every time he wanders over to my parents house he kills as many kittens as he can find…. although with a face like that he makes me sound like a lier.. that all said, kate and i had a great time and send out a big thanks to everyone involved… although many of those people don’t read this blog.. feel the karma .