does your apartment remind you of a prison. mine does… white walls no posters no art just off white. it looks like you just moved in last weekend and when people come over they flip you a quarter and tell you to get an education and do something with your life….. well dport7 faithful i found us a solution that could possibly be free. it’s called rastorbator. It’s a online app that let’s you take any image under 1MB and turn it into a wall mural. It takes the image turns it into dots so you get an optical mixed huge wall poster of just about any image you want. i did a test this morning and it worked great. so if you have an office job with a fast laser printer this is the cool, stay a little late and print out a 40-120-1000 page mural before you go home…I’m still looking for the right image but when i find it I’ll let you see what i’ve done.

here’s an example of what i’m talking about… so get ready

copy write infringement is a load for hose puckie man….. I know a lot of you could care less about this stuff and to be honest i usually don’t care either…. however last week viacom turned the screws on youtube and demanded they pull done 100,000 videos from the site clamming copy write infringement….. now i’m note really a huge fan of youtube either. most of it consists of highschool kids lip sinking and video’s of scuba diving cats. but the one and only thing i loved about youtube was it was the only place left on the net to watch silf and olly…. the show that defined a generation… so on saturday i was feeling a little down and though “why not watch some sifl and olly to cheer me back up” I go to you tube do my search and find it’s been “taken down because of copy write infringement”…. this is bullshit man!!!!!!! I love that show and now viacom has to come along with their pack of lawyers to be mr killjoy for young america……. here’s what i’m saying if they release sifl and olly on DVD i would buy it in a heart beat, but THEY HAVEN’T DONE THAT!!!!!! what has this world become? i’ll tell you, a bunch of greedy toolbags unwilling to let people appreciate others work with out paying every sent they think they’re owed…. I think the moral of the story here is if your ganna be greedy for the love of god at least give me the chance to pay for it!!!!
in honor of sifl and olly and copy write infringement here’s a clip i ripped from youtube just last weekend…. it’s one of my favorites and i’ll miss all the fun we could have had together youtube (tears fall to the keyboard)

(double click to play)

OMG the wii
that’s right kids i got my hands on the new nintendo wii. i just couldn’t resist.. i’m not really a video game person and haven’t even played a nintendo since i still lived at home in ohio. the wii is amazing though. i just have wii sports and man is it fun. the controller really follows you movement well. the tennis is my favorite and boxing is fun too. my friend from work ray came over to help test it out and we both agreed it was crazy fun. the system itself has a lot of cool features like the wii news and weather channels and an online store to buy old nintendo and sega games…. I couldn’t resist and bought the original super mario brothers. you can play with up to four people so i need to get atlest one more wii remote. man it’s just really fun….
so to buy the games from the online store you have to purchuse “wii points” which is kinda a racket. it’s 500 points for a old nintendo game ($5) and 800 points for super nintendo games. it thought that was a bit steep but i’m a sucker.

so come on over and play.

i’m so excited by the iphone i’m worried for my health. for real if you have the time, and your interested watch the keynote from steve. there’s nothing about the iphone that isn’t impressive. what’s so exciting for me is the idea of being able to blog with pictures anytime anywhere. the reason i never got a differn’t smart phone is because they don’t fully access the internet so i was never sure if it would work with blogger…. now though i’m in. oh man the built in camera means more blogs, more on the go photos and more dport7 all around. it’s really exciting for mobile communication. it looks as if other 3rd party applications will be able to be developed so everything from personal widgets to ftp clients may be possible. the long and short of all this is that i’m a huge nerd about this stuff, but i can’t help it, i just get really excited. oh man if you get a chace check out the google maps stuff, talk about never getting lost again or having to print out directions. either way the entire thing sound really exciting now we all just gotta wait till june. the good news about that is we can start setting aside some cash because the little bugger cost $599 and that’s alot of ballons pal. tell me what your thinking about it.

Well everyone it’s the first real post of 2007 and i have nothing but fun for you.

1. you might have noticed a few little tweaks here on the site. new background new banner ( which will be a much better design once i get un lazy) and a new rendering of the robot. with any luck 2007 will bring a whole new meaning to robot heaven along with some more/ better content.

2. for those of you that love dport7 but are finding it hard to leave your desktop and open a browser, does the staff have the ticket for you. the all NEW First Version of the DPORT7 WIDGET!!!!! (click to download) so those of you running OSX tiger will be able to quickly and easily check out what’s new on dport7 (pictures included) sorry no video yet. this being the first version i haven’t added any graphics yet but new versions to come soon. for now enjoy

3. what is UP with this F’n weather man. today it was 70 degrees here in Brooklyn. i took the opportunity to make good on my new years resolution and get back to skateboarding. surprisingly it came back pretty quick and i’m hopping to find some good places in the area to skate. the weather although is a bit unnerving. of course it was much more fun to skate then sit in my apartment and freeze…… anyway that’s all i got. if you want to skate with me some time let me know. (tyson i’m looking at you on this one.)

4. monday is mac world get excited…. please god iphone….. please!!!!!!

uhhhh so last night was the entire office christmas party as this place called
Guastavino’s which happens to be under the queens bough bridge. The place was really impressive. it’s this reception hall that’s literally built into the bridge and exposing the architecture as the interior decor. i have to say i had a much better time this year than last year. why? mainly because I know more people now so the awkward feeling is lessened. over all it was a good night i didn’t say or do anything too stupid and other than a bit of dancing i don’t think i embarrassed myself too horribly. sadly the after party was less than worth while so one of the other guys i work with and I jumped in a cab and went to a local bar down town for a few more.

hey for those of you that keep up as web site check out this thing
fireftp. it’s an extenion for firefox that puts an ftp client in your browser. i just set it up here and it really handy for times your not on your home computer.

so check this out! my canon powershot digital camera got stolen off my desk at work!!!!!!!! Yes the little guy that’s been bringing you all the inspiring images on dport7 for the past 3 years has been lost to the hands of a criminal. i gotta say it makes me a little sad to think that someone where i work may have lifted the camera right off my desk at 2 in the afternoon. I only have fond memories of the little guy. he’d been through a lot. a short time in Cincinnati, then California and then pulling it’s longest shift here in new york. being that presently i’ve been trying to not spend the money i won’t be rushing out to by a new one. although i have to say if i did i’d rock the same thing. either way you can thank the bastard that stole my camera for the new lack of fresh photos on the site.

in other news i saw borat last night….. funny…… a bit to gross…… threw down some pabst with the kids after the show. all and all a good time even though the movie could have been a bit better. less male nudity and a bit more situational humor.

Ok so i guess i owe an update on this one. I got my laptop back on tuesday with a brand new harddrive new ram and even a foot on the bottom i was missing. sadly though the data was all lost. i’ll live. Why new ram you ask? well it turns out i had bad ram the guy that called me from the apple store said that’s what caused the harddrive to crash so hard but I don’t know about that. as you might know i moved and it turns out with my rotten luck there is not a open wifi signal in my area so the updates to the site are going to be slow till october 13 when my DSL gets turned on.

in other news yes the move went smoothly and the new place is great. For a NYC apt. it pretty large. It’s a bit weird living alone but i think it’s just intensified because I have no internet or tv. hmmmmmmmmm it seems like i have something else to tell you but i guess that’s it. Oh I bought a couch…. yeah I’m real excited but it doesn’t get delivered for like 3 weeks

grab a box of tissues…… sit down……… open up an old english and pour one out because my Powerbook G4 died this morning… I’ll give you a moment………….. So last night before i went to bed i noticed it had frozen and i thought it was just because i downloaded the new ilife update and had itunes running at the same time. this morning when i got up to check my email i turned on the computer and got the flashing folder and question mark. I thought it might have just been an OS corruption but when i put in my repair disks it couldn’t find a harddrive. your probably say “oh man paul i hope you backedup”… turns out i’m pretty well backup but I still lost some stuff. Mainly the master copy FLA of delight design and the master FLA of the new site coffee and a danish. I’m planning to take it into the apple store on sunday of possible and with any luck apple care will replace the hard drive and maybe pull some stuff off of it (that’s not likely). so be it that it’s friday when your throwing back a beer this evening after work drink one for my Powerbook because it ran dport7 content along with a lot of other stuff like a hause.