so how was kickball? well pretty good. let me tell you how it works. if you don’t know or didn’t go to grade school kickball is played much like baseball. Just a big red rubber ball in place of all the baseball equitment. here in NYC the game is played in 5 innings. We have kinda a large time so i got up to kick just one time. oh don’t worry faithful i made the best of it. grounded out in the most dignified of ways. i believe the kickball league was really formed to give 20 somethings yet another reasons to drink on the weekdays. Although it’s on mondays and i’m afraid my drinking mondays are over. the best part of kick ball is hanging out with michele and erin, oh so funny!

Saturday night kate and i went to a dinner club type situation at BVA’s house called the rabbit’s foot. Brian and Megan and are hosting a supper club once a month on saturdays. I’m going to be honest, things like that usually scare me a bit. It forces me to act a bit more grown up then i usually care to. i had to take my hoodie off and leave the fart jokes at home. All my fears were for not i must say. The dinner was amazing and everyone was supper nice. Many of my G2 friends where there and things were relaxed…. Jihee took a bunch of great shots and posted them on her flicker. I took one picture my self. the one you see below is a bunny made of a black olive. nice right?

Lastly I stopped by target to pick up the long awaited MARIO CART. This is one of the main reasons I got the wii and I can’t wait to really get into it. I was just to tired to really play tonight but soon my friends. If you like marioKart Please come on by and pick up a wiimote, by door is always open. well, when I’m home. don’t break in.

This was shocking! On Saturday we went to a winter time BBQ and after the food they broke out the Xbox and started up guitar hero. For those of you that don’t know guitar hero is a game that let’s you fake your favorite rock songs on a little plastic guitar with 6 buttons where the frets are and a toggle paddle where you would strum the strings. As most of you know I’m not a huge fan of video games, and by know means do I love playing guitar hero but I will give it an over all rating of pretty fun. Now this is where it gets shocking. Kate loves guitar hero. While ian and I played a few songs with some success, kate got into it and refused to put the guitar down until she beat each song she tried. She became kind of the ladies rep for guitar hero at the BBQ. The other girls gave the game a quick try and gave up, while kate played on. This situation was extra gratifying for me, because with guitar hero player now in kate’s past it takes one more step in evening the nerd gap. Is haveing your own web site nerdier than being a guitar hero lover? I think I know the answer and I wish it was guitar hero lover (but I know its not, damn.). Just in case you don’t believe me I got a picture. Sorry for the iPhone crap pic quality.

So last night (Tuesday) ian and I went out to see the last corn mo show before be goes on tour. It was at parkside lounge and for a Tuesday it was a really really good turn out. Corn Mo and .367 lover (his band) put on another killer show. I hadn’t been to a show since my birthday so it was great to hear some of the songs again. For as much as I blog about corn mo I’m disapponted I haven’t been able to convince many of you to be fans but, check his web site and if you live in Texas make an effort to see a show you won’t be sorry.

so for an end of week surprise i have this little nugget of content for you. the other day i got a email from apple showing how to make icons for the iphone and iPod touch. so because i want you all to check the blog no matter where you are i created one for your favorite site. “that’s cool paul but how do i get it?” well on your device go to chances are if your reading this your already in the right spot. now all you have to do is hit the + at the bottom of the device. it will ask you if you want to “add to home screen”. hit that button and your on your way. you can name it anything you want or leave it as is. All your friends that have become a bit disenchanted with you pulling out your iPhone all the time will instantly forgive you when they see your checking up on americans number 1 website for news about paul. i hope your surprised and you like it.

oh man so what happened to this weekend, you ask? well it was presidents day so i’m guessing everyone went out dressed up as their favorite president from american history, and got crazy. I know i did. That’s right i, dressed up as Martin Van Buren president of this great country from 1837-1841 known for being a “snappy dresser”. you might be saying to yourself “paul, how the hell did you pull that off. Van Buren at best he was 5 feet 6 inches tall. You tower over that height you must have looked like an ass. Indeed I did. lessoned learned.

in other news i’m a proud owner of a new MAC. with some help from Rebecca and some kindly donors including myself and others. i finally after years of waiting bought my mac pro. It’s great, it supplied the new rendering that’s currently the banner here on the site. With it’s ability to run windows it makes it possible for me to do all my 3D modeling and rendering in one spot. which is great. the first thing i did was to model myself a mount for my iSight camera. The current apple displays don’t come with a built in webcam so i wanted to hook up the apple iSight i used with my laptop for some years. the thing is, they don’t make the iSight anymore and finding a mount to attach it to my monitor posed a problem. finally my years of modeling came in hand in my home life. I quickly fired up solidworks, copied my old laptop mount and customized to fit my new display. i had to go into work to finish some stuff up on saturday night so i tossed the file in the printer and in three hours had my very own one of a kind mount. i know this may be a bit nerdy but i thought it was pretty cool. for the past couple of years all the models i’ve made went no further then rendering. it’s great to make some thing i can actually use. i posted it so check it out.

Hey everybody it’s time for the weekly check in. not much to say really i was kinda sick for most of the week so i didn’t go out or do or see anything really. although i did see something cool or all you flickr and facebook crazed people. it’s called eye-fi it’s a memory card for your digital camera that is also a wifi card. this means that when you take a picture you can then go to a wifi hotspot and upload that shot straight from the camera to your favorite photo site be it flickr, facebook, shutterfly, or whatever they support lots of different services. it seems like it could be really fun.

in other news, today was the first snow fall of this winter season, which is always exciting. it really turned cold here on saturday night and then sunday morning i woke up to a fresh snow fall. as you know sometimes i like to make a little video, so at the train stop i thought I’d try to catch a bit of snow fall for you.

(double click to play)

happy 4th of july from dport7 everyone

so today i woke up early (because i’m crazy) and went down to the fifth ave. apple store to checked out the iPhone. as you all know it is amazing. the screen is like a dream of endless ice cream and kitten (for those of us that aren’t lactose intolerant and like kittens). it’s so sharp it doesn’t even look like a screen it just looks real. everything else you might have heard is true it works flawlessly and even the typing isn’t too bad although i had some frustrating moments few times. the part i was most excited to see was how dport7 looked on it. i was impressed to say the least. the site comes up in all its glory and just tapping on the text zooms in to fit that area to the screen and it so easy to read i caught my own blog spelling errors. i was excited to go to the frames portion of the site to see if the picture magic thing i installed early this year worked. my jaw dropped right to the floor when IT DID. for all you secret computer nerds out there this was huge. i was a little surprised though that after probably 15 minutes of standing there playing with it i wasn’t dyeing to throw my $600 at the sales person and run out the door with it. it feels as if it could do so much more. most of the cool features on the device use the internet and with AT&T;’s edge network being so slow i’d be relegated to using it in my living room on my wi-fi network sitting right next to my laptop. before i throw my $600 at a iPhone i need some 3rd party FTP apps for loading pictures to the blog and a data network (edge) that doesn’t blow…. although it’s still hard not to run back there and play with it one more time.

this week has been intense!!!! for real. besides having a big project going on at work all week i still found time to do some extra curricular activities. tuesday night kate and i were invited by nicole to the gallery party were she works. it was what you might expect from a gallery party epicly cool with a crowed that only comes to that kind of event. a few of the artists were at the party and nicole showed us around the gallery and kindly explained all the art. this shot is the space and more in frames …. check it out totally kinda art cool.

on thursday night i went to the new website launch party at TODA (check it out). for those of you keeping score today was my first job here in new york. as you know i keep intouch with some of the staff and it was great to see everyone again and be back up in the office. as far as the web site goes i think it’s great it’ much more information rich and a bit more immersive than the last site. i was excited.

thursday also brought the fond fair-well to the Anderson’s Phil and Leena. kate and i met them for a good bye drink at the rose and stone in columbus circle. it’s sad to see friends leave the city but kate and i tried hard to convince them that Burlington vermont is going to be fun relaxing and a quality of life few can afford in this town. dport7 wishes you luck and we look forward to coming up to see you soon.

friday was Eban’s birthday so we were out and about. the kid made it to 24. way to go pal

lastly i sent all day saturday cleaning my apartment; a move out quality clean. it took all day but this place is a nice now and it really needed it. by the way tyson got an iPhone and i can’t sleep. yeah no your right that’s sad.

alright everyone this has been a week to forget my friends. for almost all of it i was battling a bitch of the common cold. so much in fact that i called in sick to work on tuesday and wednesday which is a big deal because i haven’t called in sick in a few years now. i’ll tell you what though if your really sick do yourself a favor and take the days off because it really helps man. I’m usually sick twice as long as i was this time. it’s sunday and i feel pretty well. unfortunately because of this illness i was unable to take advantage of the weekend and spent the days sitting in my apt. on my computer.
staring into the warm glow of my powerbook i decided it was time to resurrect this time though it would not be flash. i’ve been burned by flash and i’m going to shy away from doing a full site in it for a while. i decided with this to build a html and css page from the ground up. you might say “hey smart guy this site is html and css what’s the big deal” well smart ass your right but my good friend jenn helped me do most of the heavy lifting on this site so i wanted to try and do one all on my own. if you check it out don’t be turned off by the images up there they are just for placement i’m still working out how the site will be laid out. so check in often as the site progresses.
this is what happens when i’m sick and is raining and no one will hangout.

Ok everyone it’s time for the spring time dport7 super charge. First off THE STICKERS ARE HERE!!!!!! as you can see I’m excited. i’ve got 1500 so i’m ready to hand them out to you the dport7 faithfull to spread them around your respective cities. i was thinking they should be in every dive bar bathroom in the nation, but i’ll leave it up to you. so send me an email with your address and i’ll get some out to you.

Second and this is HUGE i have added a crazy cool magic like feature to the frames section. i decided not to bring back the slide show this year because it was just too slow. so instead i installed this thing called lightbox. I could explain it but check it out for yourself. The main thing is that for it to work you have to let the entire page load before you click on an image. for the nerds out there the entire effect is done without flash it’s 3 external pages of javascript. CRAZY!!!. I really like it and i think it finally makes the frames page works the way it should. please enjoi and let me know what you think.

Last (and this was awesome) on thusrday i went to see my new favorite singer/songwritter Corn Mo. this guy is uber tallented and if you get a chance to see him take it he puts on a great rock show and if his band is with him (.357 lover) it’s even better and more intense rock. nicole and ian joined me at the knitting factory for the show and even though they wern’t as crazy onto it as i was i think we all agreed it was indeed worth the time and money. i kinda nerded out and got my picture with corn mo. nicole was trying to be cool about it and talk for a while and then take the shot but all i could think of was blogging with a picture of me and corn mo. i’m a tool

So how about a general update, things I’ve been meaning to mention but haven’t gotten around to.
First up and always top of mind i have a dport7 treat update for you. as we all know dumpy has gone missing from the site and is feared dead after the site redesign. to fill that gap the IT staff has finally gotten around to producing a killroy version. if you don’t know what this means it’s a osx icon you can place on the right hand side of your dock to give you an express connection to it’s like a web bookmark in your dock. so DOWNLOAD it now and drag it to the dock then place the one that remains on your desktop into your documents folder.

I have a couple of websites to plug. first (and I’m really late on this one) is dport7’s own professor (formerly uncle urb) and allison are tying the not and he’s dedicated a website to keeping you up to date on the entire process. check it out and for the love of god sign the guestbook they love that.
second is a little site called heats and laserbeams. it’s my fast friend steph calvert and her newly married self. she’s been liked on dport7 for a while but i wanted to alert you all to her new improved site. take notice it have robots. hummmmm the influence of dport continues????????? probably not.

Lastly last night i was out to a co-worker’s birthdays birthday party down on the lower east side. the bar was called ACE. man was it packed. unfortunately all there was room to do was hold a beer close to the vest. as you may know i’m a tall drink of water and i need to stretch my shit out. if the music is good this lanky white boy needs room to move. lucky for me the music wasn’t very good. spent most of the night making fun of this guy playing pool who couldn’t figure out weather to wear his hood half way on or a hat….. tool bag.