Hey check this out! I found this today. It’s a Bamboo iphone case that you can get etched with a design of your creation. Check out the site it’s pretty cool. Although with the new iPhone coming out soon I know I’ll have to wait. Be on the look out for a dport7 branded iPhone case on the streets by the end of the summer. The company is called grove and I have to hand it to them I like this.

So here’s the think I like the new WordPress situation we have going on here. Although I do have one major complaint. The spam in the comments is out of control. Someone fix this please. ( I say that knowing I’m the one that has to do the fixing) needed to vent.

hey paul I thought now that you had the netMacNbook the new posts were going to show up early and often? Let me make my excuse. So this past week saw me spending most of my time in Cincinnati Ohio for work. Sadly that brought no time or energy to run. Although I did get to see big john diehl which was great. The plane ride back infected me with a soul crushing body distroying cold. It hit really hard on friday and I’ve been unable to move since. This has got me down because last weekend I really hit my stride. Lot’s of running coupled with a fair amount of progress. I feel now as if I have lost as week and have been set back. My body is quick to tighten back up into it’s old lazy ways. Today (sunday) i’m just well enough to write this post but not much else. Stay tuned with any luck I can log a few more miles next weekend.

Now, Jew has asked that i update on the netMacNbook. Well, let me say it’s still working perfect. I’ve since done a few video ichat’s to check out the camera. They went great. My parents came to town and wanted one of their own so I have ordered and received another. The only thing is the new one we got has a dead pixel so it’s on hold until I can find out if dell will replace it. I have to be honest I do tend to worry about doing these for other people. Although the process is simple I worry that if there is a problem it may be a bit more work to solve than a normal computer glitch. Either way I’m still completely happy with mine, well the track pad is still crap but what can you do.

Hello everybody! today I’m typing to you from my new dellnetmacbook. That’s right against all my better instincts i went and did it. Some of you may remember a few months ago i posted a link to gizmodo that showed you how to take a Dell 10v netbook and install Mac OSX on it. Essentially turing it into a mini macbook. Believe it or not it works great. Before I Hakintoshed it i turned it on running Windows XP and it was slow and unresponsive. After installing OSX it’s like a whole new machine. It runs fast and without problem. Even the little webcam works for ichat, Crazy. So lets break it down cheapest MacBook $999, Dell 10V $300, that’s right I win. The idea behind this little guy is to get the blog going again.. let’s hope it works for me.

You’ve probably been wondering what happened to me after my last post back in january. Well I’ve taken on alittle hobby project. When Kate and i were in italy we saw these cool little old Fiat 500 cars everywhere we went. so I thought I’d take a shot at trying to 3D model one. with most of my experiance being in plastic bottles a car is a whole new challenge. Anyway I’ll post my progress as i go. The test render here is from about a week ago and alot of work on the back of the car has been done since.

Lastly, this weekend we went out and finally got Kate a proper keyboard. If you hadn’t heard Kate has played piano pretty much her entire life and always used a real and beautiful piano. Keyboards have really come along way. This one sounds great and the keys are weighted and it really feels as if your playing a real piano. next time your by try to get her to play for you she’s busy shaking the rust off now.

So I don’t know if you heard…… but last week Apple announced it’s new nugget of golden magic called the iPad. Is it just me or are we all getting a bit tired of Apple proclaiming how they are yet again “changing the world”? Don’t get me wrong I’m a Apple fan but the chosen by god attitude is feeling well worn. Although I feel as if they may be doing it again…… just slower.

After seeing the announcement of the iPad I was initially disappointed and quick to proclaim this device to be the stinker of Apple’s long barely tarnished track record. After a day of thinking about how stupid it was…. suddenly it dawned on me, my tiny brain just wasn’t thinking future. For the computer industry to continue to grow 2 things had to happen. 1: the computer mouse must die. 2: with the death of the mouse the “desktop” metaphor must also die!!!

These 2 things are really one in the same. With the future being Multi-touch (like the iPhone) the mouse is an out of date tool that is only going to hold technology back. The Desktop Metaphor (which the user never really understood) created the mouse and is also holding back multi-touch. You can’t add a touch interface to a system that was designed to be used with a mouse. Thus it makes total sense to make the iPad nothing more than a bigger more powerful iPhone. It’s an interface that millions of people have already learned and are comfortable with (which is the biggest issue with creating any kind of software). Over the next few months and years I think we will see the laptop you may be reading this on slowly be replaced by a multi-touch device similar but more powerful than the iPad. With this change we will see the current Operating System and the iPhone OS slowly merge into a entirely new system. Mac OS X and Windows 7 haven’t really changed in years. They’ve gotten prettier and more stable but the innovation in the concept is over. The other major PC makers have ignored the signs in the hopes that just making smaller more mobile versions of the same technology would be the next big thing. The next big thing has been on it’s way for a few years and with out slowly educating the consumer how to use this new system it would fail.

I realize that HP has introduced several different touch multi-touch computers but have failed to make a full and compelling transition to a all new interface. Using the multi-touch feature as a novelty rather than a real user interface tool.

So we’ll have to see if developers are able to make applications that are compatible with how our hands work. The last 25 years have seen us collectively struggle not only to learn how to use a computer but fight to make a mouse do what would be so easily done if only we could just reach out and touch it.

(I realize this is with out a doubt the nerdiest post I’ve ever written. I just wanted to put down this idea in writing to see if it comes true. It seems as if it will.)

Well alright, as you may have noticed our Mad Men Recap podcast has really started to pick up some steam. So when we realized that we have listeners that expend out side our family it’s time to build a website.. So please be the first on your block to visit http://www.madmenrecap.com…. In true paul fashion there is no blogger templet here. It’s built from the second floor up. (got a bit of help with a CSS templet). To make sure we get as much exposure as possible we have both a twitter feed and a facebook fan page which I encourage you all to join. I hope you like it. We were up late last night taping the finale episode of season 3, and I’m kinda beat. So check out the side and for the love of god get some people to join our FB fan page because right now it’s just me and jen…

while wandering around the intertron last night i ran into this little article on gizmodo. It describes how to turn one of those little $300 dell netbooks into a mac netbook. I know this is supernerd stuff but it seems kinda fun and I thought might be useful for some of you in dport7 land. check out their post, you can do it in like 10 easy steps. I wish i would have seen this before we went to Italy it would have been great to look at our photos as we went to see how things were turning out.

hello dport7 faithful! I miss you. I know the last couple of months/year has been post light but i want in my heart of hearts to change that.. Although life won’t let me. The wedding is (as it should) taking up a lot of my time. (watch you mail box for the invite in the next few weeks). then work is whipping my ass like i killed it’s dog in a drunk’n rage, (which i didn’t do) didn’t get out before 10pm all week… So in an effort to win back a few readers i POSTED THE SSP PICS!! along with a link to jon (the jew’s) personal photo page. So please relive it and enjoy.

next let’s take a step into the way back machine and talk about the movie tron (nerds rejoice).. When i was a kid there was this freaky disney yes disney movie called Tron. If i remember right it was bout this guy that some how gets trapped inside a video game. really dark but visually kinda cool. big john diehl and i were fans… well the big scene from that movie was the moteercycle scene, epiclly cool and remembered by all. Well it turns out that in hollywoods infinite wisdom this year is the year for the sequel. I’ve posted the leaked trailer here but to be honest i’m not sure if all the cool new CG makes it that much better. i also posted the old trailer to help explain things… anyway you decide.

off to all points west, I’ll try to post about that soon…

Hold on to your shorts we are pushing the me and paul show again. I added a podcast page to the site to help you more easily access the show. you may be asking yourself “shit are they still trying to do that show? are they still not really talking about anything? did jon ever get that “don’t jar” and if so is it full yet?” To answer simply yes!. The show is getitng better slowly and there are plenty to choose from. What’s nice is you can come here to dport7 and listen from computer in the world or you can click below and subscribe through itunes and pick up the new episodes as we do them. either way we hope you listen and respond to our plea’s to call in and be part of the show. we are also working hard to improve the sound quality. I’ve forced jon to do some recording research and with any luck the next episode will have a much better volume.

so hope everyone had a great week. The SSP is around the corner and the city is a BUZZ with anticipation for this years party.
in other news (more nerdy news) the App store for the iphone launched last friday. For those of you that got hosed by the update stalling for hours i have something to make it all worth it. One of the free apps on the store is called LOOPT. Download the app here. What it does is allow you to see where your fiends are at when your out. so lets say i’m hanging out in union square and i check Loopt to see that rebecca is there to. I can send a message with loopt to see if she want to meet up. Either way it seems like fun especially here in the city where you can walk past a friend in a crowd and not even know it. I guess technically it’s a social network of sorts. It integrates with facebook so that will make most of you kids happy. Before you get mad and say “well, Paul i don’t have a iphone so i guess this is out of the question”. Stop it right now! go to the Loopt website they support a bunch of phones. Please get on the stick and join this might be the only social network i join……….ever. I posted some screen shots so you could see how it works.
::::Update:::: posted some new pic in frames!!!!

Faithful so much to talk about. i know I’ve been delinquent on my posts as of late and your worried but don’t fear. Here’s the run down. i owe you some pictures in frames of the Kentukry Durby partys i attended, I need to review the appleTV I picked up a few weeks ago. Big John Diehl is in town this weekend. Oh the list goes on.
BUT rather than talk about any of that I’m posting this video saw this morning. Here’s the thing I’m not a fan of animated movies but the new pixar film has caught my eye. Its called Wall-E and it’s about a little robot that works in a dump. Anyway the robot looks like a small cooler version of Johny 5. This video shows a REAL LIFE Wall-E spotted on the streets of L.A. Man i wish I could do fun stuff like this! Anyway enjoy the clip i loved it, and I’m working hard to try to get some pictures up in frames.

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