Is it just me or is dport7 gasping for air. The infrequent post the global take over of Facebook and Twitter. Personal blog are dropping off the face of the internet by the hundreds. I’m trying to keep this ship afloat but it’s harder and harder every year. either way it’s still a log of my life so continue I must.

So, there is a lot to talk about. First the triathlon! I survived although not by much. I started my leg of the race (the run) at about 10:30 or 11am and by then it was already 95 degrees. Let’s just say that I made it and leave it at that. Kate on the other hand was a star. She was a pro on the bike like she does this every week.

The next weekend found us in the middle of no where Wisconsin for Ian and Pink’s wedding. Everything was lovely they both looked great and had a genuinely picture-esic wedding. see the pics below along with my flicker It was great to see the Swanson’s along with Big John and Aaron and Allison. Brain was also there from near by Chicago.

Lastly Check out this video I found today. It makes you glad that somewhere out there someone is doing something cool.


My friends the sweet taste of vacation is closing in on me. Friday morning Kate and i will be returning to birth place of our union, a place we can for some reason only remember fondly. Savannah Georgia. We are making what as become our yearly spring time trip down south to help our friend BVA celebrate his birthday. The extra bonus for us is that we get so see a few old friends from our college days. Days that both Kate and I miss horribly .
The only thing that I’m not looking forward to on this trip is falling off the wagon. Yes, with the triathlon closing in on us I’ve been much much better with what I’m eating and more importantly what I’m drinking. Last weekend saw me complete my 4 mile run in 34 min. Significant progress from only a few weeks ago when I was running it at an embarrassing 48 min. As a side note: After I completed with my new faster time Tiger Woods’s (yes the Tiger Woods) voice came across my headphones to congratulate me on running my fastest mile. I’m not sure how to feel about this. I mean Tiger is in good shape and my guess is the guy can run a mile much faster than me. The tone of his voice seemed a bit too eager to congratulate. I’m not saying he was making a pass at me, I’m almost certain he was making a pass at the mannish looking lady that was in the sound booth recording this inspirational message. Don’t get me wrong though I’m glad he’s taken a personal interest in me.
I’m trying to navigate the Nike Plus site so I can share my progress… now that i have progress. Check out this link see if you can make any sense out of it. Forgive me if i miss a few days my record breaking run seemed to hurt my right knee. Not the joint just what feels to be the muscles on the outside of the knee. No worry I consulted Dr. John and he gave me some stretches to do to hopefully put me back on track.

hey paul I thought now that you had the netMacNbook the new posts were going to show up early and often? Let me make my excuse. So this past week saw me spending most of my time in Cincinnati Ohio for work. Sadly that brought no time or energy to run. Although I did get to see big john diehl which was great. The plane ride back infected me with a soul crushing body distroying cold. It hit really hard on friday and I’ve been unable to move since. This has got me down because last weekend I really hit my stride. Lot’s of running coupled with a fair amount of progress. I feel now as if I have lost as week and have been set back. My body is quick to tighten back up into it’s old lazy ways. Today (sunday) i’m just well enough to write this post but not much else. Stay tuned with any luck I can log a few more miles next weekend.

Now, Jew has asked that i update on the netMacNbook. Well, let me say it’s still working perfect. I’ve since done a few video ichat’s to check out the camera. They went great. My parents came to town and wanted one of their own so I have ordered and received another. The only thing is the new one we got has a dead pixel so it’s on hold until I can find out if dell will replace it. I have to be honest I do tend to worry about doing these for other people. Although the process is simple I worry that if there is a problem it may be a bit more work to solve than a normal computer glitch. Either way I’m still completely happy with mine, well the track pad is still crap but what can you do.

so the pumas were a bust right? so I went over to nike town on 5th ave and got myself a pair of those nike plus shoes. Why? Well, they have a little bean type thing that you put into the sole of the shoe and then plug another little device into the bottom port of an ipod nano. This allows you to record everything about your run. Time, distance, calories burned, pace,ect. It is great! The only thing confusing me is how after running 4 miles it says I only took 61 steps. I think I need to calibrate it or something. Now we can all follow along with my running progress. I’ll start posting links as soon as I get the nike site figured out. It’s a bit of information over load so give me some time. Get excited. I tried to get the least ugly running shoes I could. I wouldn’t say I failed, but I wouldn’t say I succeeded either.