so i just finished the final address list for the invites. it was a nightmare a lot of the list i had for the save the date’s was unusable because for some stupid reason i had made the text outlines.. i think i’m in the habit of that because as a ID guy i never have any fonts so by default make everything outlines when i finish… anyway watch your mail box. the invites go out monday and if you don’t get one it’s because i just plain forgot or you got lost in the shuffle. although i doubt that because i made Kate help me triple check… anyway get excited and let me know what you think!!!

I found this the other day and thought it was a little piece of robot heaven… it’s a kind of robot leg from a puma add. as some of you may remember I was trying to build a new robot and i never finished… since then i’ve been trying to collect inspirational images and thought i’d share this one with you.

So thanks to everyone that came to our open house last weekend!!!!! It was a great time. if i can get around to it i’ll post some pictures. Anyway lets talk about the new dport7 news. First off i hope your listening to our podcast it’s just as pointless as ever and i just posted our 12th episode. Secondly i wanted to share with the dport7 faithful the new Official dport7 robot i’m working on. As some of you might have noticed the current dport7 kilroy is a bit boxy and not very posable. As such i’ve been thinking for a while now about redesigning him with all the joints built in so he would be completely posable. thus a much better mascot for the site. I usually just drop this stuff on the site after i’ve finished but because this is going to be such a long process i thought i’d share the journey. Here is a quick rendering of the leg as you can see it’s fully able to be positioned and the ball at the top will fit into the torso as (you guessed it) a ball socket joint. Stay tuned for the progress and let me know what you think.
Have a happy thanksgiving !!!

Faithful so much to talk about. i know I’ve been delinquent on my posts as of late and your worried but don’t fear. Here’s the run down. i owe you some pictures in frames of the Kentukry Durby partys i attended, I need to review the appleTV I picked up a few weeks ago. Big John Diehl is in town this weekend. Oh the list goes on.
BUT rather than talk about any of that I’m posting this video saw this morning. Here’s the thing I’m not a fan of animated movies but the new pixar film has caught my eye. Its called Wall-E and it’s about a little robot that works in a dump. Anyway the robot looks like a small cooler version of Johny 5. This video shows a REAL LIFE Wall-E spotted on the streets of L.A. Man i wish I could do fun stuff like this! Anyway enjoy the clip i loved it, and I’m working hard to try to get some pictures up in frames.

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can i just say I AM APPALLED at the new american gladiators not only did they pretty much just go to the back lots and dust off the old set but the new eliminator (the obstacle course event) is crap. i’m not sure how i feel about hulk hogan hosting this travesty along with some women that seems completely out of nowhere like they picked her out of the audience 10 minutes before the show started. now, lets talk about the gladiators. the new set of lady gladiators are for a lack of a better word, dudes. especially the one named fury. trust me watch it fury is totally a dude.

anyway went go carting on saturday pretty fun. turns out i wasn’t born to be a professional driver. the other guys are all about their track times. i’d rather just try to flip the cart and see if i could catch it on fire. guess i’m just not a competitor.

lastly kate and i went to kidrobot and i picked up a munny. i don’t know why they’re just kind of funny. these are do it yourself munnys so you can take some markers to them and do your own design. I have a bit of a problem when it comes to this. the munny looks so good all in white that i have a hard time dealing with the fact that i might screw it up if i take some markers to it. anyway i still need to name it so if you have any ideas let me know. hey check out the little accessories that come with the munny. he has a cape.

hey guys. had the office holiday party on friday. it was pretty fun. we take the holiday party pretty seriously so it was as cool as can be. hung out with rebecca and her gang last night. she gave me a robot that she bought me a year ago. stopped by luke and laure’s house a holiday hello. I’m working on some worth while content for you but as of now thing have kinda cooled off here. here’s the robot.

hey so I was checking the stat’s for the site just now and it seems like there are some folks in germany that love to visit the site. I’m pretty sure it most be some internet bot but is we have some german fans let me know i’ll send you a t-shirt. oh hey we also got a hit from macedonia, the former yugoslav wow. I don’t know what started the international craze but lets keep it up.