I hope everyone had a happy and more importantly fun Halloween!! We certainly did! We went back to the bedsty Brooklyn party we went to last year at our friends Inbal and Ariel’s place. Yes, as expected it was the best Halloween party in the city. I reprised my zombie look from last year and Kate went as Anna Wintour and effing nailed it. Our friend Megan went as Joan from mad men and didn’t miss a detail she had a pen necklace and an old rotary phone for pete sake. Anyway I posted the pictures on my flickr and Kate has more on her’s so check it out.

Hey, everyone happy happy new year!!!! well i hope everyone had a great time at their new years parties. We sure did! Kate Ian and I went to a loft party thrown by our friend Erin (hands) Hanley. She rented this loft and everyone prepaid on paypal to come to the party it was great. I think if i could get myself organized it may be an option for the next SSP. Needless to say we all celebrated the coming of the new year with our usual heavy handed vigor. Ian took some falls but isn’t to worst for the wear. I had a tough time on the 1st getting my strength back but Kate was ready for more party. (i’ll post pictures soon)

yesterday Kate dug deep into her polish past to make some killer cabbage roles. I’m not all together certain, but I’m pretty sure i’ve had the magic that is cabbage roles before. Kate how ever nailed it on her first try. She invited a few friends over and told ian to pick out some good cheese and the result was a nice relaxing evening.

Today we are off to the adirondacks for a ski vacation. don’t ask how or why it’s a long story that none of us are really sure about. We leave soon and Ian seems to know where he’s going. I always feel safe these days with the iphone maps forever by our sides.

lastly check out that f’n ring man!!!! that’s right that ring resides on the hand of my brother big john diehl! He got it for being the head doctor for the minor league hockey team in Cincinnati! it’s really pretty impressive. When i was home for christmas he asked me to post it so the smug phil anderson could see it. everyone enjoy it’s glory!

UPDATE::::: I started the new frames09 which includes ski trip pics. New Years pics are back in frames08…… enjoy!!

So thanks to everyone that came to our open house last weekend!!!!! It was a great time. if i can get around to it i’ll post some pictures. Anyway lets talk about the new dport7 news. First off i hope your listening to our podcast it’s just as pointless as ever and i just posted our 12th episode. Secondly i wanted to share with the dport7 faithful the new Official dport7 robot i’m working on. As some of you might have noticed the current dport7 kilroy is a bit boxy and not very posable. As such i’ve been thinking for a while now about redesigning him with all the joints built in so he would be completely posable. thus a much better mascot for the site. I usually just drop this stuff on the site after i’ve finished but because this is going to be such a long process i thought i’d share the journey. Here is a quick rendering of the leg as you can see it’s fully able to be positioned and the ball at the top will fit into the torso as (you guessed it) a ball socket joint. Stay tuned for the progress and let me know what you think.
Have a happy thanksgiving !!!

hey everybody i don’t have much to talk about but i do want to invite you to an open house of sorts over here at our new apt. So lets say next saturday then, the 15. yeah that’s good. does 9pm sound good? yeah i guess…… i mean that gives time to see the place and then head out into parkslope to enjoy some night life if i wanted. good it’s settled then 9pm on saturday. are you ganna send out and invite so i remember? sure just click on the image below. Oh paul you think of everything. thanks!!!
see you there can’t wait!!!

did it feel like you lost a close friend? what did you miss the most, the misspellings and horrible grammar or the long explanations about my weekends that sounded strangely familiar as if you read them the week before. No matter, you missed dport7 and by god dport7 missed you right back.
Now let me explain the reason for the outage. There’s been a lot of speculation that it was the economic collapse that took out the site. As most of you know dport7 is a publicly traded company invested in any number of financial ventures. others speculated that with the down turn in the economy that much of the staff was let go and the site was just under powered. This is partly true we finally fired the entire film making wing and that helped free up some much needed funds for the new podcast venture. others speculated i had been killed in a helicopter accident but that’s untrue. (so what’s the real reason paul i’m tired of reading this crap) Well fine!!!! It all started back a few weeks ago when I moved into a new apartment. As all of you know Kate and i moved in together in Park Slope Brooklyn. We found an amazing place and it’s really working out well. I need to take some pictures to post but we are hoping to have you all over soon. Although i can blame a large portion of this on the move the other large portion is that i just don’t have time. between work and getting sick ( just a bad cold no need for alarm), and other responsibilities i feel as if i just can’t find a free moment when i have enough energy to sit down and make anything new for the site. I still have lots of ideas for things i would love to make for you but the energy to make it happen is harder and harder to find. Maybe i’ve just hit a slow patch and i hope so because over the years i’ve put a lot of time in to this site trying to make it not crap. That got a little heavier than usual. moving on……….
So, to come back on a high note last Saturday a bunch of us went up to bear mountain for the yearly octoberfest. You might remember last year we went up for this with Ian and Eban’s parents and really liked it. This trip was a little different though. without any parental supervision to keep us all inline it kinda turned into (for lack of better words) a shit show. we went up with quite a large group of dedicated friends. The boat left the harbor at 9am. Unlike last year with it’s pre WWII boat this years vessel was brand spanking new. Because of the newness the city had yet to grant the ship a liquor license. This upset a few people in the group because this was promised to be a day of debauchery. This stuck fear in to Kate and I hearts. Kate sent out the evite for the event promising a booze cruse and we were letting people down. Luckily though i think this turned out for the best. As a result on the way up to Bear Mountain we decided that with a dry boat we should forgo the ride back, thus spending more time at Octoberfest. We arrived at noon just as the gates opened, and Octoberfest didn’t disappoint. Needless to say i think you can guess what happened next. All i know is we missed the boat back in favor of more german fun and got a ride to the LIRR with Sarah and Billy who get a great big dport7 thanks. I’d like to go into detail but most of it is stupid and embarrassing, although not to mean we didn’t have a great time. I think this will go on to be a dport7 sponsored event every year. although i feel as if you may need to pass an endurance test before its safe to come along. It was truly a hard day of fun. Thanks to everyone who came we can’t wait for next year!!!!!!!! If this picture doesn’t say it all i don’t know what does. Big thanks to kate for organizing!!!!!! you’re a hero!
::::update:::: Check out frames for all the bear mountain photos!!!

It’s official dport7’s SSP has become a New York City summer party institution . I remember when it was just a few people on the roof of a Hells Kitchen apartment standing in Short Shorts having a few beers. Now it’s a full on city wide party with nearly 100% participation and at least 70 people in attendance. This year took the party to the next level by adding the award for shortest shorts. this years winner was Mr.Kevin Hasselwander who showed up in cut off jean shorts with star bedazzled in the back. After taking a consensus from the crowed he seemed to be the most worthy (less gross) candidate. So his name now goes in the long list of SSP winner. As always my favorite part of SSP is seeing all the friends i rarely get to talk to over the course of the year. I really appreciate those of you that have made it so many years in a row and continue to dig out you short shorts every year. I also want to thank the out of towners for making the trip. Ian from singapore, paul from chicago, jon (jew) from Milwaukee, and of course brian from chicago who hates everything about New York, but toughs it out for the party.
So how about the pictures, well I haven’t had time to sort and post in frames (this weekend) but a few people have posted on flicker and picasa (please post more links in the comments)so thanks for the links steve and jon and although this party may be getting to big the entire staff is looking forward to next year. By the way faithful we need a new venue next year soo keep your eyes open and let me know.

It’s Here!!!! and here is your reminder! SSP08 Saturday night July 19th (this saturday). Lot’s of special guests in town from all over the world. Brian from chicago gets in today. Ian from singapore arrived on monday. Even Jew from Wisconsin gets here Friday. Those are just to name a few!!! i hope you got your reminder in your inbox this morning. i personally can’t wait, this year promises the be the best Short Shorts Party ever. The Shortest Shorts Trophy is 3D printing as we speak. I hope your all in it to win it. See you there!

so it’s been so busy lately. first off where is the summer going? the good news is that last monday i (by the grace of god) got to go to a Yankee’s game with my super good friend Jenn. The game was sooo much fun, only because Jenn is the best. We just sat there laughing the entire game drink’n beer and having an all around great time. Jenn for real send in those pictures there are more than a few worth posting.

Secondly Happy Forth of July everyone! I for one have completely enjoyed the holiday weekend. Kate in another great move planed a little day trip to
Sandy Hook NJ. Kate I Michele and Shay got on a ferry at 10am Friday morning for a short 30min ride out to what looks to be an old military base. Sandy Hook had been used to test weapons and what looks to be a training barracks of some kind. Either way it’s a scenic and lovely place. Once you get off the ferry there are two school buses waiting to take you to 1 of 3 beaches on the island. And yes, for you freedom fighters out there, a nude beach is available for your sunning pleasure. We didn’t visit that beach we were at North beach. It was over cast most of the day but i still managed to get very badly burned…… and yes i was the only one of the group to do so.

Lastly the dport7 SSP08 is in it to win it this year with the invite sent out a week ago. As of course if you didn’t receive your just click here. I have to be honest with you, this is the first year i’ve been a bit embarrassed to send out the invite. in a way i guess it’s a good thing, it means it’s cutting edge. This years going to be huge. many surprises still to come so stay tuned.

lastly sad news tonight my kickball team lost it’s last game. we are out of the playoffs and not chance for the Vegas tournament. i felt sad at the time but I think on the train ride home I got over it.

So last thursday night I went to the TODA summer party. It was great to see everyone as always and this time I got a chance to talk to my old boss mark. Turns out that very they had received the first shipment of the chair i had worked on most of the time i was there. this was for some reason extremely exciting for me. Mark said they are being sold at DDC.I haven’t seen them on the website but I’m ganna try and stop in soon and pick one up. Also while I was there I saw the OXO shower caddy I was working on when I left in august 2005. It looks just like it did when I left it, and its in stores now.
Sorry it been sooo long since a post. I’m really having a hard time finding a moment to do this. With SSP08 coming up the entire dport7 office is a flutter with things to do. Don’t forget July 19th watch your inbox for the official invite soon.