Hey everyone I hope you’re liking the new site! I know it’s a bit of a change but like I said I’m working on bring it back to the level of the old site.

Anyway I’ve mad a bit of progress on the fiat 500 since my last update. I did a lot of the work on the backend. Most of the vents are in and I redid the tire tread. The taillights took way too much effort for reasons I can’t explain. The detail spine on the hood helps the front end look a bit more complete along with all the bumper work both front and back.. The next big thing that needs done is the doors and windows. It seems to really be holding back these renderings. I added some materials in to help show some of the detail I’ve but into the headlights and blinkers. Anyway I hope I can keep it up this has turened in to a much bigger project than I expected.

click here for a larger shot

Let us not forget the Triathlon is coming right up (june 27). So this week I decided that running in my puma street shoes just isn’t proper. So I went and ordered these from zappos, it’s hard to find running shoes that aren’t heinously ugly. Why is that? Do people that run respond to 9 colors jumbled together in what looks like a box of crayons exploded in the box the shoes were shipped in. Anyway, ran 3.48 miles this morning and continuing my training efforts.

Oh and just fyi Kate and I HATE cablevision!!!! they over charge for there crap service and get channels pulled all the time

so I think this might have gone too far. I’v been all about this netMacNbook mainly because it’s flawless. i mean check this out the SD card reader on the side even works. Now, I’ve only had it for 2 days but I think that buttFUZZ and Kate are wondering what has happened to me. This morning when I opened it up before heading to work I found this little note. Kate’s says it’s not from her and that’s not buttFUZZ’s hand writing. The netbook in-fact loves me? Yes, I think so. Alright I’ll say it, it’s not too soon….. I love you to netMacNbook.

Hey happy new year everyone…….. yes I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but then again I haven’t recived any complaints. I’m writting tonight for two reasons:

1. I’m with COCO!!! I haven’t heard Jay Leno say anything funny in years. watching him is like chewing cardboard and staring at a freshly painted white wall. To have the gaul to take the Tonight Show back after moving on is not only embarressing it’s disgusting. I cant tell you why this has struck such a nerve with both kate and i but it has. I wanted to take the time to share that dport7.com is officially WITH COCO! Check out the video below of Jimmy Kimmel on Jay’s 10 at 10…. Oh man does he let Jay have it. Best part you ask? Jay gets mad..

via The Insider

2. Kate and I got a new couch… Yes I know we already had one but his new one has been a dream for years. why you ask? Because it’s a sectional so two people can nap a once. take it from me dreams can come true. come on by and try it out with us.

hey as you know you should make sure and DONATE to HAITI relief.. it’s right out of iTunes and completely easy.

So on friday our friend BVA took us to a Knick’s game for my birthday. Thanks MAN!… Kate was feeling a little down after a tough day at work so i got her the Knick’s magic margarita. I know you can’t tell from the iPhone pic but the mug lit up and flashed in a circle pattern… Who ever said money can’t buy you happiness never had one of these and was a idiot..

On an completely unrelated note… Hey Meredith Vieira STOP hanging out with the chimp lady!!!!!! Or at least do it on your own time…. Listen, I feel as sorry for that lady as anyone but once is enough!!! I’m not saying you seem to have a weird fascination with it…… but I am!!

hello faithful. today i’ve posted a video that kate talks about all the time. this is with out a doubt her favorite nature video. we saw it along time ago and have been talking about it ever since. when you boil it down it’s yet another reason to watch out for monkeys. As we know they are uncommonly strong and on top of they’re dishonest booze hounds. Anyway i hope your all enjoying your holiday weekend i know we are.

you know life can be pretty uneventful. so in this time of worldwide depression we all need to pull together and really appreciate the small things. the nuances of life that many bring us each a flash of joy. Last week i had such a flash with my discovery of the Mr Clean Magic eraser!!!!! People this is NO joke the magic eraser lives up to it’s name. It is indeed magic! Check out the picture below of my kitchen floor the grout is black. But you get down on that Mr. Clean style and the grout is back. dport7 doesn’t offically endorse much but let me say the entire staff is behind the magic eraser. give it some thought it may change your life.

hey everybody!!!! sorry for the absence for the last week. you know what happens things get busy, I get tired. Anyway the weekend before last i participated in the 2009 Idiotarod. If you didn’t gather from the website the Idiotarod is a race consisting of teams dressed up as some sort of theme then run through NYC. The object is to win by any means possible. pushing cheating and throwing of eggs rotten food or hell anything you can find is encouraged. my team was founded by (friend of the site) virgina and special guest Martin shmidt. They each add a few friend and out team turned into a seriouse team of six. It was a solid 6 to 8 miles in total, and let me say it crushed me. I’m tryong to get in shape but this race only proved how far i am from that goal. Looking back on it it was a really great time. We came in 16th out of 100 teams, which as far as I’m concerned is winning. Thanks to Virgina for inviting me to be on the team!!! I’ve never been known for my team spirit but I try. Oh check out the map at the end of the post for the full route!!!

In other new is anyone else sick of Beyonce? Man! I am! Don’t get me wrong she is a attractive young lady but all her videos are the same and it’s starting to really ware on me. I see her videos at the gym and lets just say (Beyonce i’m talking just to you now) I GET IT!!!!! Dudes cheat on you and your friends! I can’t do anything about that! I wish i could but I can’t. It’s your life deal with it. Make a cool video. Look at Kanye West I don’t really like him but at least he puts out new and interesting videos.
Thanks everyone I just needed to say that.

Ok so i don’t know why but i thought this sketch was really funny. i saw it on SNL the other weekend and then found it on Hulu. Hulu is what NBC decided to do after they dropped off Itunes and i think it’s pretty good. Anyway give this clip a chance it takes a minute to get going but i think it’s pretty good.