hello dport7 faithful! I miss you. I know the last couple of months/year has been post light but i want in my heart of hearts to change that.. Although life won’t let me. The wedding is (as it should) taking up a lot of my time. (watch you mail box for the invite in the next few weeks). then work is whipping my ass like i killed it’s dog in a drunk’n rage, (which i didn’t do) didn’t get out before 10pm all week… So in an effort to win back a few readers i POSTED THE SSP PICS!! along with a link to jon (the jew’s) personal photo page. So please relive it and enjoy.

next let’s take a step into the way back machine and talk about the movie tron (nerds rejoice).. When i was a kid there was this freaky disney yes disney movie called Tron. If i remember right it was bout this guy that some how gets trapped inside a video game. really dark but visually kinda cool. big john diehl and i were fans… well the big scene from that movie was the moteercycle scene, epiclly cool and remembered by all. Well it turns out that in hollywoods infinite wisdom this year is the year for the sequel. I’ve posted the leaked trailer here but to be honest i’m not sure if all the cool new CG makes it that much better. i also posted the old trailer to help explain things… anyway you decide.

off to all points west, I’ll try to post about that soon…

The Dark Knight………… Well as most of you know I’m not a comic book fan what so ever. i feel as though this new generation of comic book movies has been ripped from the trembling hands of nerds to be a bit better. Although don’t get me wrong even in this new style the nerds still get their due. over all the Dark knight was a good movie. As you may have already heard Heath Ledger does a respectable job as the joker. Christian Bale is a very convincing batman and more realistic Gotham City is quite engaging. Here’s the things kate and i just couldn’t figure out. 1. Why in god’s name do people continue to live in Gotham City? Ok Maybe it has great restaurants and bars. The reconstruction industry is obviously booming with all the destruction, so jobs are abundant. Is it worth it though? 2. Why is it that when Batman talks he sounds as if he’s been smoking and screaming for 6 hours. I know it’s suppose to disguise his voice and make him sound tough but come on it really just sounds as if he’s an anxious chain smoker. 3. Why, when batman is depressed does he stand atop the tallest building in town? With that said how does he get up there. He doesn’t have super powers (can’t fly). This means that in the evening, he’s driving into town in the bat mobile, parks in the garage, then sweet talks security into letting him take the elevator to the top. If your asking me that’s just a little more than embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong – none of these questions are deal breakers for the movie it’s just some unanswered questions.

In other news i went to post some pictures from the SSP and my iphoto is a bit more than deficient of shots. I putting the the call back out to you the faithful to send in some more shots i can use. Bight thanks to those of you that have already sent in. Sam, Jon,and Steve. i need to so through and pick some of those out for official posting. Either way thanks again everyone for a great time.

Faithful so much to talk about. i know I’ve been delinquent on my posts as of late and your worried but don’t fear. Here’s the run down. i owe you some pictures in frames of the Kentukry Durby partys i attended, I need to review the appleTV I picked up a few weeks ago. Big John Diehl is in town this weekend. Oh the list goes on.
BUT rather than talk about any of that I’m posting this video saw this morning. Here’s the thing I’m not a fan of animated movies but the new pixar film has caught my eye. Its called Wall-E and it’s about a little robot that works in a dump. Anyway the robot looks like a small cooler version of Johny 5. This video shows a REAL LIFE Wall-E spotted on the streets of L.A. Man i wish I could do fun stuff like this! Anyway enjoy the clip i loved it, and I’m working hard to try to get some pictures up in frames.

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So last night Kate and i got invited by her friend sarah to got to one of the press premiers of the movie Speed Racer. I don’t know about you but i didn’t watch a lot of Speed Racer as a kid I’ve never been into anime and so i don’t really know much about it. The movie was of course packed with visual effects and really tried it’s best to stay as close to the cartoon as live action can. The scenes with the cars were well done, although at times it felt a bit like I was watching a video game. I can say if I was a kid seeing this movie i would have loved it. The cars have a ton on little gadgets that try to sabotage one another, like buzz saws and Over all i would give it the dport7 3 stars of approval mainly for it’s effort to stay true to the cartoon series. It had a surprisingly famous cast with Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Christina Ricci, and Emile Hirsch as Speedracer. With all this fame one can’t for get the most influential, Korean POP star Rain. On Monday Rain was part of what I estimate to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Steven Colbert of the Colbert Report has been challenging Rain to a dance off after he foolishly made some comments about Colbert being Number 5 on Time magazine’s most influential people list. Rain was number one and has let he’s ranking go to his head. I’ve posted the dance off for you to enjoy. Please do. notice the Michael Jackson Moon Walker reference when Colbert throws the quarter.

(double click to play)

Ok so fist off i wanted to share the first picture of the spring. think sound of music after the helicopter flew over julie andrews and the down draft threw her to the ground. now replace her with me. There you go. SPRING! I would like this post to be about how the weekend was, and we saw the new rolling stones documentary (
shine the Light), but I’m afraid i have a bone to pick with the USPS.
So for some reason my taxes are really kinda complicated (long story) anyway my brother John Diehl found this killer good Tax agent in cincinnati (of all places) and suggested it may be a good idea if i sent my stuff to him and had her do it. I said “cool” put all my papers in an envelope and went to the Radio City Post Office in Manhattan to send it off. Overnighted to cincinnati. The next day i check the tracking number and it was delivered! John calls and is asking where it is. This is where the panic set in. So I call the post office and say “hey guys you lost my envelope”. They check the tracking and say ” well sir our records show we delivered the parcel….. so you my friend are SOL”. This to me is amazing. I’m imagining my envelop ( with all my important tax info) is now sitting in a room somewhere with Amelia Earhart, the Lindberg baby, and Nazi gold. I already hate tax time enough and now I have to file for a extension to prolong this 6 more months. Along with begging people to reprint my W4 and other crap. Who do I blame in all this? (yes I have to blame someone I’m an American its part of our culture) I blame both the USPS for being so incompatant as to be unable to properly put an envelope in a mail box. I also blame myself for being greedy and trying to get more on my return than H&R.com; would have provided. Moral of the story, don’t go the extra mile especially on your taxes.

In other news my good old best friend brian lauvray has started blogging for the
http://telepicturesblog.warnerbros.com/tyrashow/2008/04/single_fierce_meet_brian.php#comments “target=”_blank”>Tyra Banks show
. He’s helping the young ladies that watch Tyra and are unlucky in love find a man. He gives advice on what a young single guy in his late 20’s is really like. Go to the site read a comment and maybe leave one of your own. Its your chance ladies to find out what makes a guy like brian tick.

Hey everybody happy daylight savings time. I know it’s been happy for me so far. I got out of work yesterday and the sun was still up. It was beautiful. In fact I even got home before dark. A special treat. Anyway, on Friday Kate and I went to see be kind rewind. Its a Michel Gondry movie with jack black and mos def. mos def works at a VHS video rental store. His best friend Jack Black lives by the power plant and becomes magnetized. This causes him to erase all the tapes on his next visit to the store. To save the store they remake all the movies on their own. I was really excited to see this movie the director is probably the single most creative person on the face of the earth. He uses simple camera tricks for most of his special effects which always seems more impressive than the CG over done mess that most of current movies rely on for entertainment. So did I love the movie you ask? Well yeah……… I thought it was great, but it just seemed to be missing something. I can’t put my finger on it, maybe it was the people sitting behind us that insisted on making comments through the entire show. Why in the name of everything holy would you sit in a theater and say out loud ” oh look at that” when something cool happens. “oh, look at that” really? You really want to make that comment. We are all sitting in a crowded dark theater watching a movie we payed to see. What are the chances we aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in front of us. So please if you talk during movies, don’t. Its making me mad. Not just me by the way, everyone around you wants to slap you, and some day someone might.

Good news everyone I bought guitar hero for the wii on saturday. Yes its really fun. What I thought was cool was that the wiimote nests right in the guitar so no extra batteries needed. Kate and ian came over and got sucked back into the guitar hero black hole. Later Saturday night we all went to see my friend jon hildenstein play a small show in park slope. I’ll say right off that the guy can really play guitar. The show was great and it was really nice to hang out with jon. It’s been at least a year I bet.
Other than that I’ve just been busy with work, and trying to build more organic models in my free time. I build a mummy last weekend and I’m working on a model of a reindeer right now. I’ll post some renderings soon.

hey everyone I’m sorry for skipping a week. things have been uber busy and i’ve been feeling beat. the last few weekend have been spent at work and I’m not as resilient as i used to be. a few years ago i never had days off but over the last 2 or three years i got used to weekends and now i’m kind of a wimp when i work through them. sadly because of all this i have very little to share. having this weekend off just resulted in cleaning my apartment and resting as much as possible. kate and i are hoping i have some of next weekend, because it presidents day weekend and we both need to get out of the city. the grey winter weather has left us both feeling dead inside and it would be nice to get out of this environment for even just a day. where are we going? being that we decided late we are thinking about taking the LIRR out to Montauk. come to think of it we were supposed to fly up to Vermont to see DR phil and DR leena but they have been MIA both from kate and i.

I’m sorry i was rambling. anyway to have some sort of reason for this post lets talk about a movie we snuck in one saturday night. there will be blood , nominated for an oscar stars daniel day lewis. set in the late 1800, it’s about a man of that time discovering and buying up property with oil on it and mining. It has much more going on in the story than that but that’s the over all plot. Lewis’s character is one that at the core is damaged and lonely. Its like life beat him early on (something we do not see) and his only recourse is to spend the rest of his life trying to beat it back. this makes him hard and angry. his only sign of humanity is his adopted son that loses his hearing in a drilling accident. the movie goes on the show his great success in the oil industry, combined with is continued decent from personal life happiness. much of the movie is played out with just a soundtrack and little dialogue. the times which dialogue is used it is delivered with a thunder strike that is the tone of Lewis. in short the movie was really made for me by the last scene where Louise’s character completely loses it. I give it 2.5 stars as it’s a bit heavy for my little paul brain.

this just in Kate has started a band new blog!!!!!!!!! she discontinued her old one “my life” for a new more fashion based “K8 says” this one will not discuss kate’s life but only talk about her feelings on fashion. i’m excited so check it early and often the first post went up today. hey kate!

as i mentioned in my last post mac world was this week. here’s the run down. ( for those of you that think this is nerdy, paul didn’t write this, currently this is dport7 staff member nicholas typing) anyway the big announcement is that apple released a new super thin ultra portable laptop called the macbook air. you can see in my picture below how i feel. SO WHAT its super thin. great! don’t get me wrong i understand the engineering mastery behind all of this, but really? this is what you want to spend your resources doing? that said I’m sure once I see it in person I’ll have the over whelming urge to buy one.
what else did they announce you ask? well not a lot. some crap update for the appleTV, and new apps for the iPod touch (which was needed) but other than that it was kinda slow.

friday ian, kate, sara, her friends and I went to this piano bar on the upper east side called brandy’s. its pretty fun, the piano guy starts playing at 9:30 and the place fills up. everybody in the bar sings along and from time to time the waitress or the bartenders come up and sing a few songs. they’re all pros working at the bar as they try to get in a show i guess. it’s surprisingly pretty fun. people get drunk and rowdy and start having good time. Here’s a video clip of the same singer and piano player we saw on friday just to give you a idea of what it’s like.

Lastly yesterday we went and saw no country for old men the new cohen brothers movie. It’s exhausting! It’s really about a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time who finds some drug money and tries to keep it. The drug kingpin sends some crazy murdering guy to find the money and well you get it. It’s a good movie it really moves it’s just kinda too smart for me.

So I know I said I would do some blogging this week and I let you down. Here’s the thing, I got to Denver on Wednesday with a bit of a cold and then come Thursday morning a blizzard blew into town. So Kate and I made a trip to the mall but with all that snow we couldn’t go far. Friday we went to see Charlie Wilson’s War at the movies. It was really pretty good, phillip seymour hoffman was as always the best character on the film I think we all can agree he’s the best. Saturday kate and I headed up to Keystone to do some big time skiing. Kate is a true talent out there on the slopes. On the first run down some snowboarding tool sacked kate out of no where. Leaving her shaken and bruised pretty bad. Like a champ kate shook it off and we went on to ski blues the rest of the day. Out of shape Paul is so sore today its laughable.
Kate’s parents have been wonderful hosts and the entire dport7 staff can’t thank them enough for everything. So thank you! Oh and thanks to rocket (the cat) I promise I didn’t steal anything.