Well alright, as you may have noticed our Mad Men Recap podcast has really started to pick up some steam. So when we realized that we have listeners that expend out side our family it’s time to build a website.. So please be the first on your block to visit http://www.madmenrecap.com…. In true paul fashion there is no blogger templet here. It’s built from the second floor up. (got a bit of help with a CSS templet). To make sure we get as much exposure as possible we have both a twitter feed and a facebook fan page which I encourage you all to join. I hope you like it. We were up late last night taping the finale episode of season 3, and I’m kinda beat. So check out the side and for the love of god get some people to join our FB fan page because right now it’s just me and jen…

Well here it is the second to last episode in season 3. We are starting to really get rave reviews. If you haven’t started listening yet you are missing out my friend. This show includes the always delightful Kate, please let us know what you think!!! Oh and check out the reviews on our itunes subscription page… People LOVE the show. Now if we could just figure out how to make the sound quality better…

enjoy the show : episode 6

WE ARE ALL CAUGHT UP!!!!!! I just posted Mad Man Recap episode 4 and 5…. Now we are caught up with the aired episodes so listen while we are current… Sorry fro the delay but believe it or not it’s really difficult to find night were Dr. John and i can both sit down in front of the mic and make this happen. So if you haven’t yet please SUBSCRIBE and tell your friends this is quickly turning into an internet sensation… There have been even more comments!!!

enjoy the show : episode 4

enjoy the show : episode 5

in an effort to catch up on our Mad Man Recap we are pumping 3 shows this week. Here’s another one we hope you like it. It’s for episode 10 Wee Small Hours. after checking the podcast page in iTunes and seeing that we have listeners Dr.John ran out and got a brand new mic. he sounds great and the show is really taking off……. well in our minds it is. SO! don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and let us know how you’re liking it.
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In other news!! Like I said yesterday we are back and Italy was great. I haven’t had anytime to really go through all the pictures from the trip but while i was out of town this weekend Kate did me a solid and put some of my pics up on my flickr so you folks could get a little taste.. I’ll post a more complete description this weekend with more content but i thought you might be wondering.

Hello everyone!!!! back from the honeymoon and ready to get caught up on the Mad Men episodes we have missed!! We recorded this las night and with any luck we’ll have the three recaps we owe you by the end of the week!! If you haven’t been checking everyday for it here it is! The Mad Men Recap is on iTunes and ready for you to subscribe. Now it can sync to your iPod, iPhone or Touch with minimal effort from you… Just click SUBSCRIBE and yes your dreams have come true. I just check and we actually have listeners and got comments. HAHAHAHAHAH that’s great!!!
Here’s a link to the Brooks Brothers Don Draper Suit. i know it’s kinda lame to want one but you can’t beat a well cut suit……

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