while wandering around the intertron last night i ran into this little article on gizmodo. It describes how to turn one of those little $300 dell netbooks into a mac netbook. I know this is supernerd stuff but it seems kinda fun and I thought might be useful for some of you in dport7 land. check out their post, you can do it in like 10 easy steps. I wish i would have seen this before we went to Italy it would have been great to look at our photos as we went to see how things were turning out.

faithful you’ll have to forgive me for my absence. i have been both lazy and sick. on wednesday evening i got hit with the flu so hard i just got out of bed today! (four days later)… thursday and friday found me calling in sick and sleeping probably a total of 20 hours each day. saturday wasn’t much better although i stay awake long enough to watch a few movies. sunday was still kind of a wash, i tried to do some wedding stuff but still found it hard to sit up for more than an hour.
I had some fun ideas for this weeks post but sadly this bit of text is the best I can do. even sadder there is a new me a paul show recorded and ready to post but I just haven’t gotten to it. Now I know you probably concerned and let me reassure you……. both Kate and ButtFuzz were smart enough to get their flu shots so they haven’t been infected with this god awful bug.
Your other main concern seems to be if buttFUZZ is shitting in the toilet yet. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that she’s doing pretty well. She’s at the end of her training and as far as the poo goes she’s about 60% in 40% out or on the lid. Pee 100% in every time. it seems like with a bit more practice she’ll have this thing figured out!!!!! look for a show soon…. well if i survive.

I know it’s been a while and let me be the first to say “I’m sorry”. It must be hard making it day to day without me and paul. we took a few weeks off to reorganize and for jon to move to DC. it’s seems that with this time off the show really found it’s roots. the most recent show released saturday has been widly halied as our best show ever. don’t take it from me. listen to what one of our many listeners had to say.

Listened to the lastest episode of “Me & Paul” this weekend, and yeah, good job guys. I LOLed a number of times. People we’re looking at me strangely from my laughter and I was in public. Thanks

Brian Lauvray

Whether you’ve loved and left or never listened to the show do yourself a favor and subcribe or resubscribe to what is being hailed as the best podcast ever or atleast the best podcast ever called me and paul.

so, there’s a lot of media to post tonight. i have a before and after picture of the newly restores chairs taken only four years apart. we also have a buttFUZZ update. sadly today she got spay and well that’s gotta hurt. i took her to the vet at 7:20 this morning to start the process and the vet said that if she had the operation this morning we could pick her up later tonight. Turns out they called Kate and she picked her up after work. Well, it turns out after they take out a female cats “parts” they have to put a cone on the little lady so she doesn’t…… well…… pick at it i guess. because it was the funniest and saddest thing little buttFUZZ has had to endure I thought I’d document it and share it with you the dport7 faithful. Kate chose the music and she really nailed this one.

(double click to play)

update time!!!! So over the past week the chair saga has continued….In the last post I was taking off the old shock absorbers at the apt. I then took the shells to work where there is a small workshop to do the sanding and the gluing for the new shock attachment. As always doing anything in the city with no car and public trans is a challenge. Lucky for me Monday was a holiday so the trains were mostly empty. I was able to carry all three chair shells in with me on my way to work (my office doesn’t observe MLK day). As planed I went in to work early and stayed late all week to complete all the sanding and gluing and now today Friday I’m able to take them home. I posted a few shots of the process for you. Why? Because I know you care deeply.
Hey Paul, how’s the ShittyKitty thing working out? I’m glad you asked. buttFUZZ is seeming to adjust to it pretty smoothly. We removed the first ring and she didn’t freak out and still jumps up on the toilet to use it. I don’t have any pictures but I did walk in on her one time and saw she was sitting with all four paws on the seat while she was taking care of her business. So that’s a good sign.
Stay tuned I’ll post some pics of the finished chairs this weekend. I’m sure your dieing see the finished project.

In the spirit of documentation I’d like to tell you about a little project I’m working on. As many of you might remember from my first post ever (scroll to bottom) I “found” 3 Eames school shell chairs in my short stint in Cincinnati at the hospital’s smoking hut. Because they were owned by a institution they have what’s called the school legs on them and over the years those legs have rusted and fallen apart. For years now I’ve vowed to buy new legs and repair these chairs. After asking around I found a place online in California called modernica that sells the new more stylish legs I was after. As it turns out the Eiffel legs don’t have the same hole pattern that the school legs do. After some sadness i found a website that shows how to remove the old hole pattern and set up a new one, by replacing the shock absorbers. The next challenge was finding the shock absobers. Leave it to ebay to have what you need. I just recived the parts yesterday and with any luck in the next week or so I’ll have the rest of the process to show you. the picture below is the chair disasembled with two of the shock absorbers pried off.

Ok so fist off i wanted to share the first picture of the spring. think sound of music after the helicopter flew over julie andrews and the down draft threw her to the ground. now replace her with me. There you go. SPRING! I would like this post to be about how the weekend was, and we saw the new rolling stones documentary (
shine the Light), but I’m afraid i have a bone to pick with the USPS.
So for some reason my taxes are really kinda complicated (long story) anyway my brother John Diehl found this killer good Tax agent in cincinnati (of all places) and suggested it may be a good idea if i sent my stuff to him and had her do it. I said “cool” put all my papers in an envelope and went to the Radio City Post Office in Manhattan to send it off. Overnighted to cincinnati. The next day i check the tracking number and it was delivered! John calls and is asking where it is. This is where the panic set in. So I call the post office and say “hey guys you lost my envelope”. They check the tracking and say ” well sir our records show we delivered the parcel….. so you my friend are SOL”. This to me is amazing. I’m imagining my envelop ( with all my important tax info) is now sitting in a room somewhere with Amelia Earhart, the Lindberg baby, and Nazi gold. I already hate tax time enough and now I have to file for a extension to prolong this 6 more months. Along with begging people to reprint my W4 and other crap. Who do I blame in all this? (yes I have to blame someone I’m an American its part of our culture) I blame both the USPS for being so incompatant as to be unable to properly put an envelope in a mail box. I also blame myself for being greedy and trying to get more on my return than H&R.com; would have provided. Moral of the story, don’t go the extra mile especially on your taxes.

In other news my good old best friend brian lauvray has started blogging for the
http://telepicturesblog.warnerbros.com/tyrashow/2008/04/single_fierce_meet_brian.php#comments “target=”_blank”>Tyra Banks show
. He’s helping the young ladies that watch Tyra and are unlucky in love find a man. He gives advice on what a young single guy in his late 20’s is really like. Go to the site read a comment and maybe leave one of your own. Its your chance ladies to find out what makes a guy like brian tick.

oh man so what happened to this weekend, you ask? well it was presidents day so i’m guessing everyone went out dressed up as their favorite president from american history, and got crazy. I know i did. That’s right i, dressed up as Martin Van Buren president of this great country from 1837-1841 known for being a “snappy dresser”. you might be saying to yourself “paul, how the hell did you pull that off. Van Buren at best he was 5 feet 6 inches tall. You tower over that height you must have looked like an ass. Indeed I did. lessoned learned.

in other news i’m a proud owner of a new MAC. with some help from Rebecca and some kindly donors including myself and others. i finally after years of waiting bought my mac pro. It’s great, it supplied the new rendering that’s currently the banner here on the site. With it’s ability to run windows it makes it possible for me to do all my 3D modeling and rendering in one spot. which is great. the first thing i did was to model myself a mount for my iSight camera. The current apple displays don’t come with a built in webcam so i wanted to hook up the apple iSight i used with my laptop for some years. the thing is, they don’t make the iSight anymore and finding a mount to attach it to my monitor posed a problem. finally my years of modeling came in hand in my home life. I quickly fired up solidworks, copied my old laptop mount and customized to fit my new display. i had to go into work to finish some stuff up on saturday night so i tossed the file in the printer and in three hours had my very own one of a kind mount. i know this may be a bit nerdy but i thought it was pretty cool. for the past couple of years all the models i’ve made went no further then rendering. it’s great to make some thing i can actually use. i posted it so check it out.

hey everyone I’m sorry for skipping a week. things have been uber busy and i’ve been feeling beat. the last few weekend have been spent at work and I’m not as resilient as i used to be. a few years ago i never had days off but over the last 2 or three years i got used to weekends and now i’m kind of a wimp when i work through them. sadly because of all this i have very little to share. having this weekend off just resulted in cleaning my apartment and resting as much as possible. kate and i are hoping i have some of next weekend, because it presidents day weekend and we both need to get out of the city. the grey winter weather has left us both feeling dead inside and it would be nice to get out of this environment for even just a day. where are we going? being that we decided late we are thinking about taking the LIRR out to Montauk. come to think of it we were supposed to fly up to Vermont to see DR phil and DR leena but they have been MIA both from kate and i.

I’m sorry i was rambling. anyway to have some sort of reason for this post lets talk about a movie we snuck in one saturday night. there will be blood , nominated for an oscar stars daniel day lewis. set in the late 1800, it’s about a man of that time discovering and buying up property with oil on it and mining. It has much more going on in the story than that but that’s the over all plot. Lewis’s character is one that at the core is damaged and lonely. Its like life beat him early on (something we do not see) and his only recourse is to spend the rest of his life trying to beat it back. this makes him hard and angry. his only sign of humanity is his adopted son that loses his hearing in a drilling accident. the movie goes on the show his great success in the oil industry, combined with is continued decent from personal life happiness. much of the movie is played out with just a soundtrack and little dialogue. the times which dialogue is used it is delivered with a thunder strike that is the tone of Lewis. in short the movie was really made for me by the last scene where Louise’s character completely loses it. I give it 2.5 stars as it’s a bit heavy for my little paul brain.

this just in Kate has started a band new blog!!!!!!!!! she discontinued her old one “my life” for a new more fashion based “K8 says” this one will not discuss kate’s life but only talk about her feelings on fashion. i’m excited so check it early and often the first post went up today. hey kate!