Hey everyone, Merry Christmas from the dport7 staff. Kate and I have already been on quite a ride this holiday season. We had a last minute trip rescheduling that put us in Defiance Ohio for some family matters. That only after fighting our way out of NYC after 10 inches of snow fell and our flight was cancelled. After our stay in Defiance and having a quick little Christmas we rushed back to Dayton to fly to Denver CO for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I’ve included a few shots from the trip so far. A winter morning outside the Diehl compound, Kate’s new kitties sweatshirt from the Defiance Christmas, Rocket Cat from the Rybicki compound, and the best Holiday Album possibly ever.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!! The entire dport7 staff hopes you had enough to eat and had fun around the table with whoever you celebrated. We were in Brooklyn this year with our friend BVA. As you may know he is a bit of a food enthusiast so i feel as if we lucked out with his turkey making skills.. Exceptional! Kate got especially into the holiday and made 2 pies (one apple one pumpkin) a killer bowl of mashed potato’s with bacon and garlic. A really delightful corn casserole that just flat out surprised me with flavor. Then to top it off her special brie and puff pastry starter… If that’s not enough Kate’s friend Greta joined us with a thanksgiving favorite making a fantastic green bean casserole. We ate ourselves stupid especially me. I’ve forgotten how tired all that food makes you. Anyway we had a great time Thanks guys!!! Posted some plate shots below enjoy!

Friday we went to see the Fantastic Mr. Fox!!!!! Yes it was indeed fantastic. It was nice to get a break from the same old holiday movie. It was beautifully done and very funny. It certainly has the usually Wes Anderson touches. He loves for a movie to be set up like a book and this is no exception. Like all of his movies it has a Rolling Stones song. I don’t think anyone can denie the magic and charm that comes along with the pain staking process of stop motion animation.If you get a chance go see it. If you don’t they’ll stop making movies like this and it will be all your fault…. yeah!

hello faithful. today i’ve posted a video that kate talks about all the time. this is with out a doubt her favorite nature video. we saw it along time ago and have been talking about it ever since. when you boil it down it’s yet another reason to watch out for monkeys. As we know they are uncommonly strong and on top of they’re dishonest booze hounds. Anyway i hope your all enjoying your holiday weekend i know we are.

Hey everybody! Happy Easter!!!! Last night Kate and i did up some easter eggs with some help/attack from buttFUZZ. We bought this fancy egg kit (last one in the store) with metal leaf that made the eggs rap video worthy. Right now we are on our way to easter church. The easter bunny stiffed me again with nothing. Thanks! Although my mom did send a very nice card!
Enjoy some pics from our easter fun!!

Hey, everyone happy happy new year!!!! well i hope everyone had a great time at their new years parties. We sure did! Kate Ian and I went to a loft party thrown by our friend Erin (hands) Hanley. She rented this loft and everyone prepaid on paypal to come to the party it was great. I think if i could get myself organized it may be an option for the next SSP. Needless to say we all celebrated the coming of the new year with our usual heavy handed vigor. Ian took some falls but isn’t to worst for the wear. I had a tough time on the 1st getting my strength back but Kate was ready for more party. (i’ll post pictures soon)

yesterday Kate dug deep into her polish past to make some killer cabbage roles. I’m not all together certain, but I’m pretty sure i’ve had the magic that is cabbage roles before. Kate how ever nailed it on her first try. She invited a few friends over and told ian to pick out some good cheese and the result was a nice relaxing evening.

Today we are off to the adirondacks for a ski vacation. don’t ask how or why it’s a long story that none of us are really sure about. We leave soon and Ian seems to know where he’s going. I always feel safe these days with the iphone maps forever by our sides.

lastly check out that f’n ring man!!!! that’s right that ring resides on the hand of my brother big john diehl! He got it for being the head doctor for the minor league hockey team in Cincinnati! it’s really pretty impressive. When i was home for christmas he asked me to post it so the smug phil anderson could see it. everyone enjoy it’s glory!

UPDATE::::: I started the new frames09 which includes ski trip pics. New Years pics are back in frames08…… enjoy!!

merry christmas everyone from the entire dport7 staff. It turns out we had to let the entire PR department go before the holiday so sorry for the lack of christmas pictures. Anyway we hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season and don’t forget to listen to the me and paul show for a special holiday surpise at the tail end of the show.

is it christmas? honestly, i’m not even aware of the holidays anymore. I guess that’s the thing about getting older you don’t even know the holidays are coming because, really who has time to even think about it. I did some christmas shopping but i don’t think i even thought about the holidays the entire time. It was just another thing i needed to get done. Sad? I guess but whatever. Kate bought a wreath for the apt but i think that was just to have the scent of pine around the place. anyway just wanted to push out a post. listen to me and paul podcast good luck with your christmas season… try eggnog I liked it. dairy free of course!!! buttFUZZ has adjusted well.

well everyone here it is the start of the holiday’s, thanksgiving. It’s never been my favorite holiday till this year. For some reason I’ve really looked forward to it. I guess I just needed a break from the city. Out here in defiance ohio the hours seem to go by a little slower. I don’t know if it’s all the kittens running around in a fury or if it’s just that there’s literally no one else around for at least a solid mile. either way it’s a nice break. Check out the picture below, I took a quick snapshot of the annul dport7 staff thanksgiving. this year i packed up the entire staff and we all came back to Ohio for a thanksgiving to remember. Although we had to let much of the staff go due to the economic collapse the few remaining were more than happy to come along. Apparently i failed to mention that once we got here they were expected to cook the dinner. tensions seem to be running a bit high as a result but i’m sure the trip home will find me drowning in invite thankyous. Never the less We all hope everyone out there in internet land has a happy thanksgiving and remembers to eat and drink responsibly and not to get in and religious or political conversations with family members. It only leads to hurt feelings and strained relationships. not that i would know.

happy Easter everyone! Just a quick update. my parents are in town for the Easter holiday and staying till tuesday. yesterday on a shockingly nice and sunny easter sunday kate my folks and i all went to the cloisters in upper manhattan. it’s part of the met and as you might have guessed is full of mid evil art. it’s easy to make a day out of the event and to say the least it was exhausting. Other than that it’s just been family time.
in other news tony ritz is back so start checking the site again!!!!!
::::::::update::::::: i posted some pictures i took at the cloisters in frames.

alright everybody, well happy new year!!!! so for new years eve kate ian and i met up with michele and erin to go to allie’s place for a new years party. it’s kinda a weird college flash back. although we all collectively had a great time. I’m ganna be honest with you kate and i and everyones else for that matter bought in the new year with a bit too much to drink. it was great to see everyone.
Anyway lets talk about 2008. first off uncle urb and urbn cowboy is back. for those of you that have been around the dport7 halls for the past few years will remember. also bellafrench got a face lift for her site so check it out.
new years resolutions:
well i don’t really have one. i just want to do more dport7 stuff. for you the reader. so get excited.
check out the FRAMES for the last shotes of 07…… soon to be replaced with 08 (sorry for the quality most were taken with iphones)