Washington DC…… The political epicenter of our nation. Kate and I visited this weekend to not only see a few of our friends, but to enjoy the spectacle that is DC. I’ve only been there once before when I was maybe 12 or so. I know I saw just about everything but the memories like so many from that age are faded. The main objective of the trip was to go to Jen and Wayne’s engagement party outside DC somewhere in Maryland. We drove down on friday after work (in the A4 company car…..fancy! (yes I’m bragging)) and arrived in DC at about 11:30 or so. When driving to DC especially downtown avoid the traffic circles. Listen I lives in Savannah for 4 years and mastered the navigation around circles and squares. DC has going out of there way to make this experience not only frustrating but nearly impossible. I can’t even describe what’s it’s like. I can’t help but think it maybe some clever metaphor for the inane inner workings of our own federal government just a few blocks away.
Saturday we went’s sight seeing with Jen and out friends Jon (jew) and Danielle. I of course wanted to go to the Air asnd Space Museum being that it is filled with awesome. We saw the Spirit Of St. Louis and the Space Capsule ‘s that the Astronauts come back to Earth in. I didn’t want to bore everyone else to much so after we saw the Space Monkey (creepy picture below) we moved out to the Mall for a little frisbee. Then we headed to the American History Museum filled with what I would describe as pop culture history.
Anyway not to bore you just check out the pictures below.
On sunday like I said we went out to the engagement party and it was truly lovely. As you know I grew up Catholic and Jen and Wayne are Jewish. So just hanging out with everyone and hearing the prayers, toasts and what not was really interesting. Everyone was super nice and even though it was a lot of family I didn’t feel all weird and out of place. (normally I do).

In other news the Mad Men Recap has continued to be a powerhouse of success. What’s the secret you ask? Big John Diehl is the secret. The listeners love this guy. The best part and this is true. Several listeners have written us asking if Dr. John is really Jon Hamm. WOW!

creepiest thing ever

i’m calling in the thousands that are the dport7 army for this one!!! our friend and long time dport7 member brian lauvray needs your vote! he is a freelance writer for this online travel website called Trazzler. anyway they are holding a competition and one of brian’s articals has made it to semi-fianls. What do we need from you? well we need you to do CLICK HERE and then click the green button that says WISHLIST. sadly you do have to sign in / create and account. although if your already on face book that’s easy and it takes a second… if brian wins it’s big money so rally people!!! see illustration below if confused!!

Alright here’s a quick post about a lot of stuff. First all points west….. we i wouldn’t call it a disaster but it wasn’t far off. don’t get me wrong no one got hurt, but the rain and the lack of the beastie boys was oppressive. we ended up seeing a shit ton of hipsters, along with the bands The Fleet Foxes, he National, and Vampire Weekend… Let me say this the Fleet Foxes were far to hippy for me. Guys, get a shave and and some shoes. The National was amazing with rock and roll badassness that could be felt for miles.. Vampire Weekend played well but those guys are just too young and awkward to be on a stage.. As you heard MCA from the beastie boys has cancer and so they had to cancel their show… This was a heart breaker for me and many others, but going to an event like that is always fun….Check out the pictures below of the poncho madness big thanks to Megan for picking those up!.

Second my good old friend Rusty from high school was in town. We joined him his lovely wife and brother at the Brooklyn brewery on Saturday for what i would call a less than satisfying tour of the place.. it’s just a room off the main hall where they make there special brews… well ok…… Kate and i had a great time hanging out. So thanks Rusty and welcome to dport7!!

Lastly and this may be my favorite. Kate and I have this floor standing air conditioner in the bedroom. The LCD screen is such a bright blue that at night you think your sleeping next to one of the Tron motorcycles (see last post)..so one night in complete desperation and half sleepiness kate grabbed one of the lint rollers we have took a piece and found a heart sock. then used that as the classy way to fix the problem… and it works!!!! As a industrial and fashion designer you think we might be able to come up with something better…. sadly no… Although I am only here and awake for maybe 2 hours a day so I’ll make that my excuse….

Blah blah blah I’m sorry…. but hey cut me some slack i’ve been busy. First the big parent meet up happened. yes thats right after 7 years of dating the Rybicki’s and the Diehl’s met here in brooklyn. Everything went great and lots of wedding stuff got figured out. One of those wedding things was the Save The Date cards. They went out about a week and a half ago and, well….. i hope you got yours and you like it. If you didn’t get one….. well i can’t believe there is anyone that reads this blog that didn’t receive one. If by some chance you are that someone then email me your address and i’ll get one out to you post heist.
last weekend kate and i were visited by my good old friend from high school brian louis lauvray from chicago Ill. It was a nice chill visit we hung out in the neighborhood all weekend going to local restaurants and bars. We even had a little cook out on the roof. Kate and i fired up this little grill she’s had forever and made a few dogs. Speaking of bars in the neighborhood the place just down from my apt “Sharlene’s” just opened last week. brian had a bit of an altercation with the bar tender but i liked it just fine. Well, also speaking of altercations check out the new episode of the Me and Paul show that Brian and i taped while he was here. notice there is no Jon on this episode mainly because he bailed…… nice…..
Lastly I don’t care that Kirstie Allie is fat again.

faithful believe it or not i went on a mini VACATION last weekend!!!!! kate and i joined our friends BVA, DVA, and our new friend Nicki at a beach house on TYBEE island for a fun filled weekend of old college friends, karaoke, beer, beef, pinkie masters, bingo and all other types on tomfoolery. I’ve posted a bunch of pictures in FRAMES that i hope you’ll enjoy!! It was so great to get a chance to see my old college pals Joel and Jenn!! Being back in Savannah and seeing the students made me long for the “studio fridays” warm days and lost hours at pinkie masters. Well you can’t go back as they say and i won’t waste my time trying, although it does make me feel good/sad to remember how much fun i used to be. The pictures below are the entire team at different stages of the trip. enjoy…. love the kate dance pic. Oh the pic of DVA and nicki show their bingo winnings!!!! BVA also at bingo just hours before big 30. yeah that’s me singing brandy. hooray!

hey everybody!!!! sorry for the absence for the last week. you know what happens things get busy, I get tired. Anyway the weekend before last i participated in the 2009 Idiotarod. If you didn’t gather from the website the Idiotarod is a race consisting of teams dressed up as some sort of theme then run through NYC. The object is to win by any means possible. pushing cheating and throwing of eggs rotten food or hell anything you can find is encouraged. my team was founded by (friend of the site) virgina and special guest Martin shmidt. They each add a few friend and out team turned into a seriouse team of six. It was a solid 6 to 8 miles in total, and let me say it crushed me. I’m tryong to get in shape but this race only proved how far i am from that goal. Looking back on it it was a really great time. We came in 16th out of 100 teams, which as far as I’m concerned is winning. Thanks to Virgina for inviting me to be on the team!!! I’ve never been known for my team spirit but I try. Oh check out the map at the end of the post for the full route!!!

In other new is anyone else sick of Beyonce? Man! I am! Don’t get me wrong she is a attractive young lady but all her videos are the same and it’s starting to really ware on me. I see her videos at the gym and lets just say (Beyonce i’m talking just to you now) I GET IT!!!!! Dudes cheat on you and your friends! I can’t do anything about that! I wish i could but I can’t. It’s your life deal with it. Make a cool video. Look at Kanye West I don’t really like him but at least he puts out new and interesting videos.
Thanks everyone I just needed to say that.

did it feel like you lost a close friend? what did you miss the most, the misspellings and horrible grammar or the long explanations about my weekends that sounded strangely familiar as if you read them the week before. No matter, you missed dport7 and by god dport7 missed you right back.
Now let me explain the reason for the outage. There’s been a lot of speculation that it was the economic collapse that took out the site. As most of you know dport7 is a publicly traded company invested in any number of financial ventures. others speculated that with the down turn in the economy that much of the staff was let go and the site was just under powered. This is partly true we finally fired the entire film making wing and that helped free up some much needed funds for the new podcast venture. others speculated i had been killed in a helicopter accident but that’s untrue. (so what’s the real reason paul i’m tired of reading this crap) Well fine!!!! It all started back a few weeks ago when I moved into a new apartment. As all of you know Kate and i moved in together in Park Slope Brooklyn. We found an amazing place and it’s really working out well. I need to take some pictures to post but we are hoping to have you all over soon. Although i can blame a large portion of this on the move the other large portion is that i just don’t have time. between work and getting sick ( just a bad cold no need for alarm), and other responsibilities i feel as if i just can’t find a free moment when i have enough energy to sit down and make anything new for the site. I still have lots of ideas for things i would love to make for you but the energy to make it happen is harder and harder to find. Maybe i’ve just hit a slow patch and i hope so because over the years i’ve put a lot of time in to this site trying to make it not crap. That got a little heavier than usual. moving on……….
So, to come back on a high note last Saturday a bunch of us went up to bear mountain for the yearly octoberfest. You might remember last year we went up for this with Ian and Eban’s parents and really liked it. This trip was a little different though. without any parental supervision to keep us all inline it kinda turned into (for lack of better words) a shit show. we went up with quite a large group of dedicated friends. The boat left the harbor at 9am. Unlike last year with it’s pre WWII boat this years vessel was brand spanking new. Because of the newness the city had yet to grant the ship a liquor license. This upset a few people in the group because this was promised to be a day of debauchery. This stuck fear in to Kate and I hearts. Kate sent out the evite for the event promising a booze cruse and we were letting people down. Luckily though i think this turned out for the best. As a result on the way up to Bear Mountain we decided that with a dry boat we should forgo the ride back, thus spending more time at Octoberfest. We arrived at noon just as the gates opened, and Octoberfest didn’t disappoint. Needless to say i think you can guess what happened next. All i know is we missed the boat back in favor of more german fun and got a ride to the LIRR with Sarah and Billy who get a great big dport7 thanks. I’d like to go into detail but most of it is stupid and embarrassing, although not to mean we didn’t have a great time. I think this will go on to be a dport7 sponsored event every year. although i feel as if you may need to pass an endurance test before its safe to come along. It was truly a hard day of fun. Thanks to everyone who came we can’t wait for next year!!!!!!!! If this picture doesn’t say it all i don’t know what does. Big thanks to kate for organizing!!!!!! you’re a hero!
::::update:::: Check out frames for all the bear mountain photos!!!

ever since people started to realize what podcasts were they’ve been asking “paul when for the love of god is dport7 going to have a podcast?” My answer has always been who’s got the time and what on earth would I talk about. Well the answer is nothing and as i walk home from work to the subway late at night. The show is called me and paul after the Willie Nelson song. The idea is based around the phone conversations i have with Jon “jew” Schulman. Often when i get out of work i call on bother him on my 10 minute walk to the subway. Occasionally these conversations are amusing and we decided to turn it into the dport7 podcast. How it works is i call from my phone to Jon’s Skype number (his computer) and he records it. he then sends the audio to me and i throw it into a podcast, into feeder, then up to the dport7 servers. that entire process is faster than typing out this post. Either way we have already done a few episodes while waiting for itunes to accept the show so please subscribe and enjoy. I’m planing to do a show a week mainly because they are short but who knows maybe more. Please tell your friends and let me know how you like the show. Oh and write some reviews on itunes.

so let’s talk about all points west. Friday night Kate and I met up with Tyson at port authority and made our way to jersey city NJ. Tyson and Josy were nice enough to have us over so it would be an easy start to the concert Saturday morning. So were the band s good? yes, yes the band were great. well except for radiohead. yeah i know radiohead is amazing but honestly people i just can’t get into it. the lead singer just whines all over every song. anyway that’s not what i really want to talk about. as we walked into the show area of the park first things first we headed for the beer tent to get our over 21 bracelets and the first beer of the day. On the bracelet were 5 small tear away tags. These tags were the amount of $7 beers you could buy over the course of the day. so lets be clear it’s not so much that i could only have 5 beers that made me mad. it’s the fact that i was told i could only have 5 beers that really set me off. by set off i mean a rage-less “that sucks” came flying out of my mouth. then we all kinda complained about it on and off for the rest off the day. talking about how this country has turned in to an over protective parent that doesn’t really love you but hates when you have any fun. kinda like Communism but without all that marx crap. either way i thought we all still managed to have a pretty good time.
I’ve finally posted the SSP pictures I’ve promised so check them out. don’t forget to check out the links to pictures that i posted a few weeks ago those were really pretty good to.

Oh faithful let me apologize i have been negligent to you who i love most. the thing is that life has exploded with busyness and responsibility. I still haven’t had time to post pictures from SSP08 but with any luck I’ll have a bit of time on sunday. at least thats the hope. In other news i wet to see The National on monday night. I don’t know if your a fan but I have to admit they were really pretty good. the lead singer started out a bit rough but a few songs in he found his sound and really nailed the songs from then on out. What else you ask? well there was a lovely rabbit’s foot in there some where. Kate’s parents came for a visit, kate had a big birthday, that’s 25 folks. (she got a new black iPhone). Ian went back to singapore. This weekend i head to All Point West. It’s a big band fest in NJ. With me luck i don’t think it’s near camden so i should be ok.

thanks to laurea and david for the photo