Hey everyone I hope you’re liking the new site! I know it’s a bit of a change but like I said I’m working on bring it back to the level of the old site.

Anyway I’ve mad a bit of progress on the fiat 500 since my last update. I did a lot of the work on the backend. Most of the vents are in and I redid the tire tread. The taillights took way too much effort for reasons I can’t explain. The detail spine on the hood helps the front end look a bit more complete along with all the bumper work both front and back.. The next big thing that needs done is the doors and windows. It seems to really be holding back these renderings. I added some materials in to help show some of the detail I’ve but into the headlights and blinkers. Anyway I hope I can keep it up this has turened in to a much bigger project than I expected.

click here for a larger shot

Let us not forget the Triathlon is coming right up (june 27). So this week I decided that running in my puma street shoes just isn’t proper. So I went and ordered these from zappos, it’s hard to find running shoes that aren’t heinously ugly. Why is that? Do people that run respond to 9 colors jumbled together in what looks like a box of crayons exploded in the box the shoes were shipped in. Anyway, ran 3.48 miles this morning and continuing my training efforts.

Oh and just fyi Kate and I HATE cablevision!!!! they over charge for there crap service and get channels pulled all the time

Hello everybody! today I’m typing to you from my new dellnetmacbook. That’s right against all my better instincts i went and did it. Some of you may remember a few months ago i posted a link to gizmodo that showed you how to take a Dell 10v netbook and install Mac OSX on it. Essentially turing it into a mini macbook. Believe it or not it works great. Before I Hakintoshed it i turned it on running Windows XP and it was slow and unresponsive. After installing OSX it’s like a whole new machine. It runs fast and without problem. Even the little webcam works for ichat, Crazy. So lets break it down cheapest MacBook $999, Dell 10V $300, that’s right I win. The idea behind this little guy is to get the blog going again.. let’s hope it works for me.

You’ve probably been wondering what happened to me after my last post back in january. Well I’ve taken on alittle hobby project. When Kate and i were in italy we saw these cool little old Fiat 500 cars everywhere we went. so I thought I’d take a shot at trying to 3D model one. with most of my experiance being in plastic bottles a car is a whole new challenge. Anyway I’ll post my progress as i go. The test render here is from about a week ago and alot of work on the back of the car has been done since.

Lastly, this weekend we went out and finally got Kate a proper keyboard. If you hadn’t heard Kate has played piano pretty much her entire life and always used a real and beautiful piano. Keyboards have really come along way. This one sounds great and the keys are weighted and it really feels as if your playing a real piano. next time your by try to get her to play for you she’s busy shaking the rust off now.