hey everybody!!!! sorry for the absence for the last week. you know what happens things get busy, I get tired. Anyway the weekend before last i participated in the 2009 Idiotarod. If you didn’t gather from the website the Idiotarod is a race consisting of teams dressed up as some sort of theme then run through NYC. The object is to win by any means possible. pushing cheating and throwing of eggs rotten food or hell anything you can find is encouraged. my team was founded by (friend of the site) virgina and special guest Martin shmidt. They each add a few friend and out team turned into a seriouse team of six. It was a solid 6 to 8 miles in total, and let me say it crushed me. I’m tryong to get in shape but this race only proved how far i am from that goal. Looking back on it it was a really great time. We came in 16th out of 100 teams, which as far as I’m concerned is winning. Thanks to Virgina for inviting me to be on the team!!! I’ve never been known for my team spirit but I try. Oh check out the map at the end of the post for the full route!!!

In other new is anyone else sick of Beyonce? Man! I am! Don’t get me wrong she is a attractive young lady but all her videos are the same and it’s starting to really ware on me. I see her videos at the gym and lets just say (Beyonce i’m talking just to you now) I GET IT!!!!! Dudes cheat on you and your friends! I can’t do anything about that! I wish i could but I can’t. It’s your life deal with it. Make a cool video. Look at Kanye West I don’t really like him but at least he puts out new and interesting videos.
Thanks everyone I just needed to say that.

so this week is crazy. kate and i got back from Nantucket on Monday night kinda late because of course too much traffic going into JFK. after a long cab ride home (i’d rather not discuss) it was after 12 before i got back. So then tuesday night we were off to see the format. They were playing at webster hall and i’m pretty sure they let high school out early tuesday to accommodate. yeah it’s a little embarrassing that i’m the oldest guy at the show but i can’t help it they have catchy songs. when kate and i got there we headed down to bathroom and when kate came out she said she saw Maebe fromarrested development. while waiting for the format to come on kate kept her eyes on the vip section waiting for Maebe to make a move. she finally did and kate was on the move so we could get a picture for the blog. as close as we were we just missed her but i saw her on the way out the door and i agree it was Maebe. very exciting. Anyway the show was great. Even though i thought I out grew the format they really came out and and gave it their all. Anyway as i always do here’s a video if you want to check out the show. In other news i’m off to Ohio for a wedding this weekend so i won’t be around to hang out. I’m also going to put up a few shots in frames i feel like i’m a month behind.
Oh last but not least if you have a a bit of extra time on the internet sooner or later check a great friend of the the sites tony ritz’s site. suddenlystruttin.blogspot.com it’s a great new blog i know you’ll all love it!

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dport7 faithful; last night i was pleased to be part of the small privileged group that each night represents the nation and it’s hero’s in the audience of the
colbert report. as some of you may know it is my favorite show on television today. i was giving an extra ticket by kate’s roommate jeremy. as if seeing steven colbert wasn’t enough his guest on the program was Paulina Porizkova the ex-supermodel wife of cars lead singer rick ocasek. i being a huge cars fan was hopping for an appearance by ocasek and was shock when he showed up for a cameo. Paulina Porizkova ricks wife is mutant beautiful. from were i was sitting she looked 8 foot tall and cut from marble. needless to say it was a unexpected highlight of my month. even though steven was battling a cold he was full of energy and seemed to really love doing the show. it was amazing how dirty and kinda shitty and small the set was, but it didn’t matter i loved it. special thanks to jeremy and his cousin. Oh if you check out that show when they re-run it this afternoon at like 7pm in the beginning you can see me in my orange wind breaker. or hey go buy it on itunes.

ok so i was on a tear this weekend. went out on thursday night with ian and mark to this great bar called heather’s . i’ve been there a few times and always enjoy the interior and the beer. I took friday off and recovered from the night before and then joined tyson and the toda crew for a while night on the lower east side. we went to good world which i highly suggest to everyone. it’s a bit expensive and slightly pertinacious but they have the best burger and fries in the LES. after getting started there we streamlined the crew and headed out to rock. visited a few more placed saw kid rock and had a dance off at some bar that i keep ending up at but never remember the name. kid rock not exciting kinda sucks looks like a tool. the dance off was difficult and impropt to but in true out of know where paul style i pulled out the moves and even brought back a few break dancing moves from back in the day. i always have the advantage in a dance off being that i’m a tall white bald white kid. that’s what so great they never see it coming. anyway I’ll post some shots in the frames. last night hung out with ian and kate and stopped in to see rebecca for a impromptu birthday party. saw some old friends had a good time but was out of gas and had to go home.

:::UPDATE::: check out what happened in Astor Place today it’s crazy

so people have been asking me if I’m flattered. yes of course i’m flattered. i mean i’ve been working on dport7 for a while now, working to get members and keep interesting content flowing from the bowels of this internet out post. it’s been said to copy someone’s appearance is the highest form of allegiance and i can do nothing but thank the young pop princes for adopting the new official hair style of the dport7 staff. it was risky when i took the clippers to my own scalp but the risk hold 10 fold for miss spears. people keep asking me if i like the fact that she’s showing the world her dependance on dport7 and i can only answer that i’m honored and “lucky” to have a member with such star power. if nothing else i feel as if dport7 will give the young mother something to share with her two young children. the site has been a father figure to confused teen princes of the past and we are proud to be the future foundation for the teen rehab stars of the next generation. if you boil it down i think we can all agree that i look a bit better in such a style but miss spears’s head may still be in shock.

here’s a small update just to keep you fix going.

last night i was out to dinner with some friends on the lower westside. (which by the way I think is one of the nicer areas of the city) we were at this restaurant called bar pitti we walked in and turned the corner and sitting at the table next to use was sara jessica parker.(i know the dport7 faithful loves the famous people) to be honest she look like you would expect meaning i don’t think she’s one of those – look one way on tv and look totally different in real life. It looked like she was eating/having a meeting with a interior decorator because the had swatches out on the table. now i know what your think “paul why no picture for dport7”. well the thing is here in nyc is that there is a real public pressure to leave famous people alone when you see them. its kind of a unwritten rule you have to follow…. trust me if we had just been on a quite street i would have gone for the photo-op. either way no matter how jaded or cool you think you are it’s always fun to see stars of the caliber…..