Alright here’s a quick post about a lot of stuff. First all points west….. we i wouldn’t call it a disaster but it wasn’t far off. don’t get me wrong no one got hurt, but the rain and the lack of the beastie boys was oppressive. we ended up seeing a shit ton of hipsters, along with the bands The Fleet Foxes, he National, and Vampire Weekend… Let me say this the Fleet Foxes were far to hippy for me. Guys, get a shave and and some shoes. The National was amazing with rock and roll badassness that could be felt for miles.. Vampire Weekend played well but those guys are just too young and awkward to be on a stage.. As you heard MCA from the beastie boys has cancer and so they had to cancel their show… This was a heart breaker for me and many others, but going to an event like that is always fun….Check out the pictures below of the poncho madness big thanks to Megan for picking those up!.

Second my good old friend Rusty from high school was in town. We joined him his lovely wife and brother at the Brooklyn brewery on Saturday for what i would call a less than satisfying tour of the place.. it’s just a room off the main hall where they make there special brews… well ok…… Kate and i had a great time hanging out. So thanks Rusty and welcome to dport7!!

Lastly and this may be my favorite. Kate and I have this floor standing air conditioner in the bedroom. The LCD screen is such a bright blue that at night you think your sleeping next to one of the Tron motorcycles (see last post) one night in complete desperation and half sleepiness kate grabbed one of the lint rollers we have took a piece and found a heart sock. then used that as the classy way to fix the problem… and it works!!!! As a industrial and fashion designer you think we might be able to come up with something better…. sadly no… Although I am only here and awake for maybe 2 hours a day so I’ll make that my excuse….

This was shocking! On Saturday we went to a winter time BBQ and after the food they broke out the Xbox and started up guitar hero. For those of you that don’t know guitar hero is a game that let’s you fake your favorite rock songs on a little plastic guitar with 6 buttons where the frets are and a toggle paddle where you would strum the strings. As most of you know I’m not a huge fan of video games, and by know means do I love playing guitar hero but I will give it an over all rating of pretty fun. Now this is where it gets shocking. Kate loves guitar hero. While ian and I played a few songs with some success, kate got into it and refused to put the guitar down until she beat each song she tried. She became kind of the ladies rep for guitar hero at the BBQ. The other girls gave the game a quick try and gave up, while kate played on. This situation was extra gratifying for me, because with guitar hero player now in kate’s past it takes one more step in evening the nerd gap. Is haveing your own web site nerdier than being a guitar hero lover? I think I know the answer and I wish it was guitar hero lover (but I know its not, damn.). Just in case you don’t believe me I got a picture. Sorry for the iPhone crap pic quality.

So last night (Tuesday) ian and I went out to see the last corn mo show before be goes on tour. It was at parkside lounge and for a Tuesday it was a really really good turn out. Corn Mo and .367 lover (his band) put on another killer show. I hadn’t been to a show since my birthday so it was great to hear some of the songs again. For as much as I blog about corn mo I’m disapponted I haven’t been able to convince many of you to be fans but, check his web site and if you live in Texas make an effort to see a show you won’t be sorry.

so paul whatever happened with that birthday thing you were talking about?………… well it happened and i’m 27 now. there were several highlights. one being my good old best friend brian Lauvray flew in all the way from chicago to celebrate with me. brought me a great threadless tshirt from that chicago store. on saturday brian ian and i hung out at kate’s house being stupid. (i think there was a bit too many stupid guy stuff going on, so much to the point kate asked us to put a lid on it. although by the end of the weekend kate ended up the winner with the most repeated joke to her credit. (i’ll let you ask her about that). If you read the post before this one you knew the plans for the evening. we were at Galapagos in williamsburg which was a bit strange really. it was a hiphop show in the front room and a rock show in the back room. ether way the surprise was that Kate had contacted corn mo a few months ago and asked him to do some kind of shout out to me for the birthday. he kindly obliged and tried to get the entire crowed to sing happy birthday. then tossed a hostess cup cake into the cowed for me. so that was pretty cool. leave it to kate to seek out the more creative surprises for my birthday. the night ended with falafel that was the best food i ever tasted at that time.
I want to give a HUGE thankYOU to everyone that came out to help me successfully turn 27. I hope you had fun and i really appreciate it!

so this week is crazy. kate and i got back from Nantucket on Monday night kinda late because of course too much traffic going into JFK. after a long cab ride home (i’d rather not discuss) it was after 12 before i got back. So then tuesday night we were off to see the format. They were playing at webster hall and i’m pretty sure they let high school out early tuesday to accommodate. yeah it’s a little embarrassing that i’m the oldest guy at the show but i can’t help it they have catchy songs. when kate and i got there we headed down to bathroom and when kate came out she said she saw Maebe fromarrested development. while waiting for the format to come on kate kept her eyes on the vip section waiting for Maebe to make a move. she finally did and kate was on the move so we could get a picture for the blog. as close as we were we just missed her but i saw her on the way out the door and i agree it was Maebe. very exciting. Anyway the show was great. Even though i thought I out grew the format they really came out and and gave it their all. Anyway as i always do here’s a video if you want to check out the show. In other news i’m off to Ohio for a wedding this weekend so i won’t be around to hang out. I’m also going to put up a few shots in frames i feel like i’m a month behind.
Oh last but not least if you have a a bit of extra time on the internet sooner or later check a great friend of the the sites tony ritz’s site. it’s a great new blog i know you’ll all love it!

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so the bad new is that i’m still sick….. but i’m starting to feel a bit better tonight. which is good because if i had to go through another week of work all sick i would have gone crazy. because of this prolonged sickness my activities have been on hold and as such not much to blog about. now the good news. i received my beastie boys tickets last night along with reserving tickets to see the format in august 21 which is exciting. on saturday kate and i tried to get a bit of sun at the park and then upon kate’s request went to go see La Vie En Rose a french film about the life of Edith Piaf who was a famous french singer in the 30’s and 40’s. It was unexpectedly good mainly because she had such a tumultuous life filled with drugs tragedy and fame. that kind of movie is always good even if it’s in french. i think this only proves that culture in small doses can be pretty good even though i try so hard to avoid it. hopefully i’ll be better this week and will have pictures to share soon.

well it finally happened after 6 albums and countless years of wishing your favorite beastie boys fan is finally going to see them in concert. that’s right on august 9th at mc carren park in brooklyn i will be fulfilling a life long dream of seeing one of the best band/rap groups to ever rock the mic. (now a brief history) when i was in high school during the end of the grunge area and the middle of the dave matthews choke hold I found hello nasty to be a welcome change. after learning that album front to back i moved on to the rest of the albums one after another until i knew every beastie boys song released. Why? well the songs have a kind of mantra that preaches fun and being goofy and not taking things to seriously. it was just what i needed to hear back then and probably what i still need today. “Well I’m a freaky streaker like Winnie the Pooh T-shirt and no pants and I dance the bugaloo”. with lyrics like that how can you not love them. New album out in july and I’m excited!!!

Ok everyone it’s time for the spring time dport7 super charge. First off THE STICKERS ARE HERE!!!!!! as you can see I’m excited. i’ve got 1500 so i’m ready to hand them out to you the dport7 faithfull to spread them around your respective cities. i was thinking they should be in every dive bar bathroom in the nation, but i’ll leave it up to you. so send me an email with your address and i’ll get some out to you.

Second and this is HUGE i have added a crazy cool magic like feature to the frames section. i decided not to bring back the slide show this year because it was just too slow. so instead i installed this thing called lightbox. I could explain it but check it out for yourself. The main thing is that for it to work you have to let the entire page load before you click on an image. for the nerds out there the entire effect is done without flash it’s 3 external pages of javascript. CRAZY!!!. I really like it and i think it finally makes the frames page works the way it should. please enjoi and let me know what you think.

Last (and this was awesome) on thusrday i went to see my new favorite singer/songwritter Corn Mo. this guy is uber tallented and if you get a chance to see him take it he puts on a great rock show and if his band is with him (.357 lover) it’s even better and more intense rock. nicole and ian joined me at the knitting factory for the show and even though they wern’t as crazy onto it as i was i think we all agreed it was indeed worth the time and money. i kinda nerded out and got my picture with corn mo. nicole was trying to be cool about it and talk for a while and then take the shot but all i could think of was blogging with a picture of me and corn mo. i’m a tool

i spent the better part or this evening trying to figure out why my laptop wouldn’t load blogger pages. well it turns out that if you have been messing with your proxys in you internet connections blogger straight up doesn’t like it. anyway. it also kinda exciting that blogger beta is up for those of us that run our blogs off our FTP’s. we now have tags which blogger calls labels. I’m going to see if i can get them figured out but no promises on when.
in other news kate and I went to see ben foldes on friday and sadly i think i’ve just out grown the guy. i still like some of his songs but to be honest with you he seems a bit arrogant in some of his music. maybe it just because he’s not “cool anymore” but i hate to say that. one can’t live or die on “coolness” anyway the real treat of the night was the guy that opened for ben named corn mo this guy was hilariouse. i mean you really had to see him to apprecite it but i have become a fan. i was able to take some video of corn mo singing my new favorite song robert holiday. he kinda reminds me of this guy brian and i used to listen to in high school named wally pleasent. exept corn mo is a bit cooler and funnier. so if your looking to see a show and it has a guy opening named corn mo get there early and enjoy.

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