Hello everybody! today I’m typing to you from my new dellnetmacbook. That’s right against all my better instincts i went and did it. Some of you may remember a few months ago i posted a link to gizmodo that showed you how to take a Dell 10v netbook and install Mac OSX on it. Essentially turing it into a mini macbook. Believe it or not it works great. Before I Hakintoshed it i turned it on running Windows XP and it was slow and unresponsive. After installing OSX it’s like a whole new machine. It runs fast and without problem. Even the little webcam works for ichat, Crazy. So lets break it down cheapest MacBook $999, Dell 10V $300, that’s right I win. The idea behind this little guy is to get the blog going again.. let’s hope it works for me.

You’ve probably been wondering what happened to me after my last post back in january. Well I’ve taken on alittle hobby project. When Kate and i were in italy we saw these cool little old Fiat 500 cars everywhere we went. so I thought I’d take a shot at trying to 3D model one. with most of my experiance being in plastic bottles a car is a whole new challenge. Anyway I’ll post my progress as i go. The test render here is from about a week ago and alot of work on the back of the car has been done since.

Lastly, this weekend we went out and finally got Kate a proper keyboard. If you hadn’t heard Kate has played piano pretty much her entire life and always used a real and beautiful piano. Keyboards have really come along way. This one sounds great and the keys are weighted and it really feels as if your playing a real piano. next time your by try to get her to play for you she’s busy shaking the rust off now.

so for an end of week surprise i have this little nugget of content for you. the other day i got a email from apple showing how to make icons for the iphone and iPod touch. so because i want you all to check the blog no matter where you are i created one for your favorite site. “that’s cool paul but how do i get it?” well on your device go to dport7.com. chances are if your reading this your already in the right spot. now all you have to do is hit the + at the bottom of the device. it will ask you if you want to “add to home screen”. hit that button and your on your way. you can name it anything you want or leave it as is. All your friends that have become a bit disenchanted with you pulling out your iPhone all the time will instantly forgive you when they see your checking up on americans number 1 website for news about paul. i hope your surprised and you like it.

hey everyone I’m sorry for skipping a week. things have been uber busy and i’ve been feeling beat. the last few weekend have been spent at work and I’m not as resilient as i used to be. a few years ago i never had days off but over the last 2 or three years i got used to weekends and now i’m kind of a wimp when i work through them. sadly because of all this i have very little to share. having this weekend off just resulted in cleaning my apartment and resting as much as possible. kate and i are hoping i have some of next weekend, because it presidents day weekend and we both need to get out of the city. the grey winter weather has left us both feeling dead inside and it would be nice to get out of this environment for even just a day. where are we going? being that we decided late we are thinking about taking the LIRR out to Montauk. come to think of it we were supposed to fly up to Vermont to see DR phil and DR leena but they have been MIA both from kate and i.

I’m sorry i was rambling. anyway to have some sort of reason for this post lets talk about a movie we snuck in one saturday night. there will be blood , nominated for an oscar stars daniel day lewis. set in the late 1800, it’s about a man of that time discovering and buying up property with oil on it and mining. It has much more going on in the story than that but that’s the over all plot. Lewis’s character is one that at the core is damaged and lonely. Its like life beat him early on (something we do not see) and his only recourse is to spend the rest of his life trying to beat it back. this makes him hard and angry. his only sign of humanity is his adopted son that loses his hearing in a drilling accident. the movie goes on the show his great success in the oil industry, combined with is continued decent from personal life happiness. much of the movie is played out with just a soundtrack and little dialogue. the times which dialogue is used it is delivered with a thunder strike that is the tone of Lewis. in short the movie was really made for me by the last scene where Louise’s character completely loses it. I give it 2.5 stars as it’s a bit heavy for my little paul brain.

this just in Kate has started a band new blog!!!!!!!!! she discontinued her old one “my life” for a new more fashion based “K8 says” this one will not discuss kate’s life but only talk about her feelings on fashion. i’m excited so check it early and often the first post went up today. hey kate!

well i hope everyone had a good holiday. mine was restful. i slept more over this holiday break than i’ve slept in months. why? well i was at my grandmothers house in canton ohio and there’s not a whole lot to do. i can’t go out because i don’t really know anyone in the surrounding area and everytime i have a drink around my parents they think i’ve “lost control” anyway that leaves plenty of time for naps. I’m not complaining though i needed it. in between the naps the family decided it would be a good idea to go see a movie. being that we all have different tastes in films my mom chose the feature, which was disney’s enchanted. now those of you that know me, know that this isn’t exactly on my list of movies to see. I kinda don’t like “cute” so much and i also hate patrick dempsey for his awesome hair. needless to say this one was a bit more than i could take. if your into over blown love fairy tales dripping with perfect world sugar sweetness run right out and download this one on bit torrent.
in other news i took the bus back from LGA for a bit of adventure and a savings of like $40 which these days is huge. i don’t suggest it if you don’t have a good knowledge of the subway in the boroughs of queens and brooklyn, but if you do check it out and save some dough.
also in other news check out my friend elinor’s blog foodzi!!! she’s a restaurant goer with things to say. Check it out she’s got pictures of her food (before it’s eaten) and they always look good. she just started the blog so leaver her some comments to get her going. tony ritz you always have good comments lets see what you can do on a food blog.
lastly,(almost done) if you have time this weekend or just whenever go out and buy or rent the first season of Flight of the Conchords. this could be my new favorite show. it’s about this two guys from new Zealand that have a band here in NYC and it id hilarious. this is one of those shows that same me from free falling into depression. with all the other crap that’s on TV this is a saving grace. it may take you a couple of episodes to get into it so watch at least three before you make up your mind. here’s a little clip of them doing a rap that cracks me up every time i watch it. click on the link to check out more clips.
ps… special note for those of you with iphones and the ipod touch. the tech team here at dport7 has finally gotten on the stick and made the video posts playable on your device so enjoy!!!!

(double click to play)

so i got back from thanksgiving in ohio today around 10am. it was nice to see everyone and of-course enjoyed seeing my brother john (who’s blog has recently become an international blogisphere powerhouse). My mom has a fresh batch of kitten running around the house, and everyone had to comment on my new hair cut. every time i go home like that i think about the movie home for the holidays. i know it’s a bit of the homogay but it’s pretty funny and i’ve always had a thing for holly hunter i guess.

anyway when i was home everyone was talking about decorating for the holiday’s and to be honest with you I’m not a decorator. i don’t like trinkets or ornaments. but dport7 is a different story. for some reason i love to do different holiday things here on the site. so i decided that the splash page was and has become kind of an annoyance. i set up my bookmarks to skip it completely. i know some of you like the changing graphics that existed on the splash page so i’m going to just try and bleed this over into the top banner. this is my first shot at a flash based banner so i don’t know if I’m quite happy with the layout of it but hey it’s up and working. oh if you think the snow is blowing a bit too hard run your mouse up there and your able to control it.

is anyone else sick of blogger being down all the time? It’s really starting to piss me off…. anyway sorry for that. well this weekend has really turned into how i returned my cable box. other that that it’s been kinda slow almost disappointing, although for the disappointment i only have myself to blame. friday night was kinda slow sam kate and i went to see marie antoinette it was slow and void of any real focus. it seemed if sofia coppola couldn’t decided what kinda story she wanted to tell. was it going to be an modern adaptation of marie antoinette’s life or a semi historical bio film. of course it was a beautiful movie because how do you make versailles un-spectacular.

saturday was pretty much blown trying to return my cable box to cablevision. when i canceled my cable service the dumb shit on the phone gave me a bogus address for the location of the cablevision drop off here in brooklyn. I googlemapped the address and decided because i haven’t had much chance to ride my bike as of late that i should ride there. not realizing how far it was i put the items for return in my backpack and headed deep into brooklyn. when i get around the nonexistent address i started asking people in the area for 10-20 flatlands ave and was informed that there is no such address. at that point i was sure i was screwed. by the grace of God a cablevision van drove by and i chased him down to find out i had to backtrack a quarter of the way. after some more riding and getting lost i found it. then stood in line for 20min with people that only leave their homes and bags of chips because their remotes broke. people say the mid-west has a weight problem but so does the brooklyn when it comes the cable subscribers that break remotes (most likely by sitting on them). luckly they accepted my cable box for return, no problem. exhausted i took the subway home and collapsed at 4K. when i woke i went to see a good friend of the site steve for a drink at union hall.

rollover image to see map. notice the green patch (prospect park) it’s huge….. for scale.