Alright here’s a quick post about a lot of stuff. First all points west….. we i wouldn’t call it a disaster but it wasn’t far off. don’t get me wrong no one got hurt, but the rain and the lack of the beastie boys was oppressive. we ended up seeing a shit ton of hipsters, along with the bands The Fleet Foxes, he National, and Vampire Weekend… Let me say this the Fleet Foxes were far to hippy for me. Guys, get a shave and and some shoes. The National was amazing with rock and roll badassness that could be felt for miles.. Vampire Weekend played well but those guys are just too young and awkward to be on a stage.. As you heard MCA from the beastie boys has cancer and so they had to cancel their show… This was a heart breaker for me and many others, but going to an event like that is always fun….Check out the pictures below of the poncho madness big thanks to Megan for picking those up!.

Second my good old friend Rusty from high school was in town. We joined him his lovely wife and brother at the Brooklyn brewery on Saturday for what i would call a less than satisfying tour of the place.. it’s just a room off the main hall where they make there special brews… well ok…… Kate and i had a great time hanging out. So thanks Rusty and welcome to dport7!!

Lastly and this may be my favorite. Kate and I have this floor standing air conditioner in the bedroom. The LCD screen is such a bright blue that at night you think your sleeping next to one of the Tron motorcycles (see last post) one night in complete desperation and half sleepiness kate grabbed one of the lint rollers we have took a piece and found a heart sock. then used that as the classy way to fix the problem… and it works!!!! As a industrial and fashion designer you think we might be able to come up with something better…. sadly no… Although I am only here and awake for maybe 2 hours a day so I’ll make that my excuse….

so paul whatever happened with that birthday thing you were talking about?………… well it happened and i’m 27 now. there were several highlights. one being my good old best friend brian Lauvray flew in all the way from chicago to celebrate with me. brought me a great threadless tshirt from that chicago store. on saturday brian ian and i hung out at kate’s house being stupid. (i think there was a bit too many stupid guy stuff going on, so much to the point kate asked us to put a lid on it. although by the end of the weekend kate ended up the winner with the most repeated joke to her credit. (i’ll let you ask her about that). If you read the post before this one you knew the plans for the evening. we were at Galapagos in williamsburg which was a bit strange really. it was a hiphop show in the front room and a rock show in the back room. ether way the surprise was that Kate had contacted corn mo a few months ago and asked him to do some kind of shout out to me for the birthday. he kindly obliged and tried to get the entire crowed to sing happy birthday. then tossed a hostess cup cake into the cowed for me. so that was pretty cool. leave it to kate to seek out the more creative surprises for my birthday. the night ended with falafel that was the best food i ever tasted at that time.
I want to give a HUGE thankYOU to everyone that came out to help me successfully turn 27. I hope you had fun and i really appreciate it!

hey everybody. i don’t usually do this but last year i didn’t and people called me stupid. i’m turning 27 on saturday night and i thought i’d put out a dport7 wide holla. i sent out an invite last night to most of you members. (trying to omit the out of towners… because really) but in case i accidently deleted you or just plain forgot here’s the invite so come on out. St. Jerome’son the LES. I found it on the web last night because i couldn’t decide where to go. if you know this place and it sucks, let me know now so i can get out of it. hope to see you there!

READ the INVITE plans have changed!!!!!
going to galapagos to see corn mo and a special surprise!

this week has been intense!!!! for real. besides having a big project going on at work all week i still found time to do some extra curricular activities. tuesday night kate and i were invited by nicole to the gallery party were she works. it was what you might expect from a gallery party epicly cool with a crowed that only comes to that kind of event. a few of the artists were at the party and nicole showed us around the gallery and kindly explained all the art. this shot is the space and more in frames …. check it out totally kinda art cool.

on thursday night i went to the new website launch party at TODA (check it out). for those of you keeping score today was my first job here in new york. as you know i keep intouch with some of the staff and it was great to see everyone again and be back up in the office. as far as the web site goes i think it’s great it’ much more information rich and a bit more immersive than the last site. i was excited.

thursday also brought the fond fair-well to the Anderson’s Phil and Leena. kate and i met them for a good bye drink at the rose and stone in columbus circle. it’s sad to see friends leave the city but kate and i tried hard to convince them that Burlington vermont is going to be fun relaxing and a quality of life few can afford in this town. dport7 wishes you luck and we look forward to coming up to see you soon.

friday was Eban’s birthday so we were out and about. the kid made it to 24. way to go pal

lastly i sent all day saturday cleaning my apartment; a move out quality clean. it took all day but this place is a nice now and it really needed it. by the way tyson got an iPhone and i can’t sleep. yeah no your right that’s sad.

ok so i was on a tear this weekend. went out on thursday night with ian and mark to this great bar called heather’s . i’ve been there a few times and always enjoy the interior and the beer. I took friday off and recovered from the night before and then joined tyson and the toda crew for a while night on the lower east side. we went to good world which i highly suggest to everyone. it’s a bit expensive and slightly pertinacious but they have the best burger and fries in the LES. after getting started there we streamlined the crew and headed out to rock. visited a few more placed saw kid rock and had a dance off at some bar that i keep ending up at but never remember the name. kid rock not exciting kinda sucks looks like a tool. the dance off was difficult and impropt to but in true out of know where paul style i pulled out the moves and even brought back a few break dancing moves from back in the day. i always have the advantage in a dance off being that i’m a tall white bald white kid. that’s what so great they never see it coming. anyway I’ll post some shots in the frames. last night hung out with ian and kate and stopped in to see rebecca for a impromptu birthday party. saw some old friends had a good time but was out of gas and had to go home.

:::UPDATE::: check out what happened in Astor Place today it’s crazy

yeah so i think i just recovered from being 26. to be honest i kept it pretty simple yesterday just dinner and the bar with a few friends. hey a big thanks to everyone that showed up last night and bought me a drink. oh what did i get you ask? well kate got me the remaining beastie boys LP albums i needed to complete my collection. I’ll be framing the other ones i have and be hanging them up in the apt. so it looks less like a prison. i’ll post a picture when i get them all up. kate’s parents also sent me a poster for the apartment wall that has to be the most beautifully matted and framed piece of art I’ve ever received. my brother john came through with a beautiful card and donation. i even received a few phone calls (thanks dan). the other great surprise was that on friday my office agreed to replace my stolen camera. So i went out to bestbuy on saturday and got a hot new canon point and shoot. oh hey special thanks to sam and brina for the ninja gear. check out the party pic’s I know it’s always the same people and i usually make all the same faces but hey what do you want from me……. oh wait but i thought this picture was far and away the funniest. i don’t remember taking it and i think sums up the entire evening.

So I’m 25 now and to be honest it’s not as bad as i thought. We went to the Lake Shore Bar and it was cool. The band was not so cool but the photo booth was. Tony Forbes my old neighbor from college was in town along with friend of dport7 Jay (number2). It was great to see those guys on my birthday. Of course Kate and Ian were there and surprised me with aJack Spade man bag and some glasses from bodum. All and all it was a great birthday and thanks to nicole, rebbeca and cool ethan for stopping by for a drink.