So this is a bit embarrassing but last night on our way out to meet up for dinner with Ben, Kate and I locked ourselves out of the apartment. (face is red). We went down to the supers apt and after a lot is panicy loud knocking his wife (?) answered in her night gown and told us in broken english “no key”. So we went back to our door and decided to ask our neighbors for advice. Gary in 13 suggested we call Robert the landlord. We did and he said it was cool, he’d put his kids to bed and head back to the office to get a spare key. I said for him to take his time we would go to dinner and then we could meet up and get the key. As we finished dinner Robert called back and to my chagrin he didnt have a spare key and suggested I try to jimmy the door open with a credit card. I laughed and said I didn’t have any experience with that but I’d give it a try. Turns out we have an anti jimmy bar on our door so no luck. So, I called Robert back and he was going to call his locksmith to drill it out. After some back and forth it turned out Robert agreed to come out himself and help us out. I posted a boring video of the deed. It was really great of him to come help us. By the time he got there it was 1am. After the break on Rob stayed around to have a beer with us (as seem in video) and talk about the building. Turns out he’s going to co-op the building with in the year or so and all the tennants will have the chance to buy at a insider rate. The good thing is if you pass on the buy they don’t kick you out like in Savannah. He also gave us a bit of insight on the building. All and all it worked out for the best. It was great to meet the Robert and what a great guy coming out so late to help us out. We are still pretty embarrassed

happy labor day from the staff

so it’s labor day everyone and as always an extra day off always makes me happy to be alive. I don’ t want to sound greedy but most of us work all year long with maybe a week off here and there. For that we get one day of in September? It seems it would be less of a insult for our hard work if we got a “labor day” once a month. Knowing me and society we would probably complain about that to. It also seems appropriate to point out that not everyone gets today off. Doctors still have to work today along with waiters and retail workers. It seems like kind of a farce to call this labor day then. Is society saying that those people don’t work hard enough to deserve a day off? Of course not. But the rest of us are, when we go ape shit because we can’t get a latte on our well deserved day of rest………. What just happened I blacked out.

speaking of labor kate moved to a new one bedroom apt in queens on Saturday. Its up on the 5th floor with nice big windows for lots of light and cool breezes. A very nice size living room and a decent sized bedroom. A big thanks goes out to the swanon brothers who along with the dport7 staff made the move as painless as possible. The only thing that almost ended the friendship of the four of us was Kate’s 300lb treadmill. Ian and i battled that thing up the five flights of stairs only to have it win in the end. Its two days later and my legs are still screaming. After a tough day kate treated us to the queens beer garden for beer sour crout and sausage. A delight. She’s still got a lot of organizing to do but with anyluck she’ll have a little party to break the place in soon. Of course your all invited because the building has a great roof top. It would be a crime not to use it before the summer comes to a close.

alright everyone this has been a week to forget my friends. for almost all of it i was battling a bitch of the common cold. so much in fact that i called in sick to work on tuesday and wednesday which is a big deal because i haven’t called in sick in a few years now. i’ll tell you what though if your really sick do yourself a favor and take the days off because it really helps man. I’m usually sick twice as long as i was this time. it’s sunday and i feel pretty well. unfortunately because of this illness i was unable to take advantage of the weekend and spent the days sitting in my apt. on my computer.
staring into the warm glow of my powerbook i decided it was time to resurrect this time though it would not be flash. i’ve been burned by flash and i’m going to shy away from doing a full site in it for a while. i decided with this to build a html and css page from the ground up. you might say “hey smart guy this site is html and css what’s the big deal” well smart ass your right but my good friend jenn helped me do most of the heavy lifting on this site so i wanted to try and do one all on my own. if you check it out don’t be turned off by the images up there they are just for placement i’m still working out how the site will be laid out. so check in often as the site progresses.
this is what happens when i’m sick and is raining and no one will hangout.

does your apartment remind you of a prison. mine does… white walls no posters no art just off white. it looks like you just moved in last weekend and when people come over they flip you a quarter and tell you to get an education and do something with your life….. well dport7 faithful i found us a solution that could possibly be free. it’s called rastorbator. It’s a online app that let’s you take any image under 1MB and turn it into a wall mural. It takes the image turns it into dots so you get an optical mixed huge wall poster of just about any image you want. i did a test this morning and it worked great. so if you have an office job with a fast laser printer this is the cool, stay a little late and print out a 40-120-1000 page mural before you go home…I’m still looking for the right image but when i find it I’ll let you see what i’ve done.

here’s an example of what i’m talking about… so get ready

yesterday was again a day for apt. hunting. OH my what a train wreck it was though. The L train was all weird so making our way to brooklyn was a hassle. Once we got there the first loft we looked at was off the Halsey stop. Way to far out from Manhattan where we all work. After that we tried to go look at a place for Kate in greenpoint but couldn’t get in. After that and a near fist fight Kate an I decided we should just forget the apt’s and go look for a kitten. Sadly we had NO luck there either. We did too much walking around ad passed out early at like 10pm on the futon. Missing our friend jay purugganan (member number 2). Although we hope to have lunch with him today. Although it’s really more like brunch but I hate the word brunch is sounds snotty.