So remember a few posts ago when I was talking about the New Pornographers show Kate, Megan, and I went to? Well if so this is amazing. I was saying how tired they seemed and how Neko Case had a melt down. Well it turns out we weren’t the only ones to notice. New York Magazine heard about it too, and put it in their weeks Approval Matrix. I was able to find it online and posted it here for you. Click on the image for the entire Approval Matrix.

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  1. Wow. Holy shit. A whole magazine dedicated to a city I don’t live in and don’t give a damn about? Where’s the subscribe button? Can I put it on my iPad? New York Magazine is “teh dumbz.”

  2. I think the pop-up ads made me angry because I couldn’t read the exciting news about New York City’s coolest magazine, New York Magazine, quickly enough.

  3. Also, is it now a Dport7 style rule that all words will randomly have a capital letter thrown in? “ForGet” I mentioned it.

  4. I do thAt to piss you off. Rules suCk so I break thEm. I’m a graMmar badAss.
    I think you should see someone to work out your New York City anger. What did NYC ever do to you?

  5. @Paul, yeah, that’s a clever lil retort there, fella. Hold on, I’m gonna take a crap on my first gen iPad and see if you can smell it… Which actually begs the question: when will iPads be scratch-n-sniff?

    @Dport7_Customer Service, can I hang out with only you and not Paul when I’m next in NYC? Or are you at the satellite office?

  6. Dear Mr. Brian L.,

    Dport7_Customer Service operates primarily out of the Washington D.C. office, in the same bunker where Paul keeps Jimmy Hoffa frozen in carbonite and a copy of ButtFUZZ’s birth certificate.

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