This was shocking! On Saturday we went to a winter time BBQ and after the food they broke out the Xbox and started up guitar hero. For those of you that don’t know guitar hero is a game that let’s you fake your favorite rock songs on a little plastic guitar with 6 buttons where the frets are and a toggle paddle where you would strum the strings. As most of you know I’m not a huge fan of video games, and by know means do I love playing guitar hero but I will give it an over all rating of pretty fun. Now this is where it gets shocking. Kate loves guitar hero. While ian and I played a few songs with some success, kate got into it and refused to put the guitar down until she beat each song she tried. She became kind of the ladies rep for guitar hero at the BBQ. The other girls gave the game a quick try and gave up, while kate played on. This situation was extra gratifying for me, because with guitar hero player now in kate’s past it takes one more step in evening the nerd gap. Is haveing your own web site nerdier than being a guitar hero lover? I think I know the answer and I wish it was guitar hero lover (but I know its not, damn.). Just in case you don’t believe me I got a picture. Sorry for the iPhone crap pic quality.

So last night (Tuesday) ian and I went out to see the last corn mo show before be goes on tour. It was at parkside lounge and for a Tuesday it was a really really good turn out. Corn Mo and .367 lover (his band) put on another killer show. I hadn’t been to a show since my birthday so it was great to hear some of the songs again. For as much as I blog about corn mo I’m disapponted I haven’t been able to convince many of you to be fans but, check his web site and if you live in Texas make an effort to see a show you won’t be sorry.

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