So on Monday Kate, Megan and I went to se the New Pornographers…….. again. I know we just went a few months ago but this show just kinda popped up so we thought what the hell. It was all going ok till the female lead singer Neko Case had a bit of a on stage break down. After what was maybe the third song Neko announces to the crowd that the band is off to London tomorrow and it is very possible they are all going to “die”. This seemed strange so she went on to explain that things weren’t going so well. She’s recently turned 40 and in the past few days her house caught fire, her boyfriend broke up with her and she got in a car accident. This I think would give anyone the down charlies but to announce it on stage was a bit of a bummer. The Drummer pipped up and announced that if Neko thought 40 was bad she should try being 43. Apparently when the drummer turned 43 his dog died and he was no longer able to make his house payments. YES, this was all on stage. Needless to say no one likes a debbie downer and this was the equivalent of taking a no fun dump on the entire show.
It was clear the band was tired and this show felt like a difficult end to what seemed to be their american tour. They still sounded good it just seemed as if they were rushing through the songs a bit. I can’t blame them for being tired. In a way i feel a bit of lesson learned. Never go see a band at the end of the tour and except the energy level to be at the max.
As always I cut together a bit of video from the show for the dport7 records. Sadly I didn’t get the melt down on tape. Maybe next time.

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  1. I once was a very large NP fan and I can honestly say I didn’t recognize a single one of those songs. That Neko meltdown sounds hilarious!

  2. They are still a good band I feel like they are pretty solid at sticking to their sound. Every album is a little more than expected but not off the mark.

  3. Yes, I’m a huge fan of Greg’s music blog and will be linking it here on my site to prove it!

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