Faithful hello! I hope you had a great ThanksGiving! We most certainly did. We celebrated her is beautiful Brooklyn NY with good friends of the site BVA and co. With a surprise special guest JENN Norwood. If you haven’t had the chance to celebrate a Holiday with Jenn than you have never experienced the Holidays. We really just had too much fun. As for the food, well it was off the chain! BVA made 2 yes 2 turkeys! Kate out did herself again making yet another 2 pie and the most delightful Lactard mashed potatoes of all time. I took along my new lens and camera to show you all the goodness. I also managed to catch the essence in a super short little video. Jenn ( I’m speaking only to you now)… buttFUZZ and brooklyn miss you already!

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  1. Heck yes. I’m hungry all over again. You guys ARE the Best of Brooklyn: 2010 Edition.

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