So if you haven’t heard dport7 has lost one of it’s most prestigious staff members. Ian Swanson shipped off this morning for singapore. Where the hell is that? you ask. Well it’s on the other side of the damn world pal. A 22 hour plane ride from JFK to Hong Kong then 4 short hours to everyones favorite spot on the Malay Peninsula. Ian pretty much sold, gave, and threw way everything he owned to move for a year to southeast asia. Why did he go? Well the Company we work for is opening an office there and ian was chosen to go over there and help build that arm of the business. i know what you asking. Paul what does this mean for my bottom line? Well, I’m losing my best friend here in NYC and with that goes my most reliable drinking buddy this means i’ll be reaching out to more of you in dport7 land to fill the gap. Maybe instead kate and i will build that life size paper mashay dinosaur we’ve been talking about. maybe I’ll start reading books, or finally finish my master degree, or re-stain the deck, or learn to sing dance and play a instrument all at the same time. no matter what i do kate and i are ganna miss that guy.
Anyway to send ian off right we had a going away party for him at Kettle of Fish down in the west village. I have been stricken with a cold so i couldn’t go full out party (which was heart breaking). A lot of people showed up (some pictures in frames) so it was a nice send off. Prof and alison came in from NC which was lovely. I took the opportunity to bust out the camera to make a well wishes video. If you were there and I didn’t get you on the video I’m really sorry. sometimes i get shy about putting people on the spot….. at least for the sake of video…………. Oh speaking of video, with ian leaving the final nail in the coffin has been thrust into dport7 flicks. Unless anyone else want to sacrifice a Saturday to shoot, this is the official end. kinda sad really.

(double click to play)

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