On Monday night Kate fulfilled a long time dream of seeing one of her favorite Musicians Aimee Mann in concert. I was along for support as I haven’t listened to much Aimee Mann and thus not a qualified fan. The show was at a smaller venue in Williamsburg Brooklyn called the Music Hall of Williamsburg. It was completely sold out as Aimee seems to have a rather loyal fan base. I recognized a couple of songs, one of which is in the second half of the posted video below. One thing that was very impressive was how well Aimee sang. She sounded as if they were playing a recording under her. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the show it’s always great to see someone that is so talented even if it isn’t your not a huge fan. The video below is more for the dport7 record than anything else so if your not already a fan I’ll warn you it’s a bit long.

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  1. Jen well done. Someone screamed that out at the show. Aimee Refused to play it say it was like a Wilson Phillips tune ie not quality. I for one disagree !

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