I have to admit that although I don’t often watch the Jimmy Fallon Show it’s starting to win me over with clips like these. I found this and gawker and had to make sure you, the dport7 faithful experienced this. This is a dport7 favorite Jeff Goldblum playing the piano and singing the first part of Biz Markie’s “you got what i need”. This was amazing and made me day hands down. Please enjoy!
As a side note watch for when the camera shoots the crowd. You’ll notice that the people in the front row seem to not only be unenthusied but also appear not to care. I feel as if there should be a fine for not appreciating and experience such as this. I don’t care if your from another country here in NYC on vacation it is unacceptable not to be loosing your mind over being present at such an event. Needed to be said.

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  1. It aired on by birthday. Some how I believe it was Jeff’s bday gift to me. But really it was for us all.

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