Faithful so much to talk about. i know I’ve been delinquent on my posts as of late and your worried but don’t fear. Here’s the run down. i owe you some pictures in frames of the Kentukry Durby partys i attended, I need to review the appleTV I picked up a few weeks ago. Big John Diehl is in town this weekend. Oh the list goes on.
BUT rather than talk about any of that I’m posting this video saw this morning. Here’s the thing I’m not a fan of animated movies but the new pixar film has caught my eye. Its called Wall-E and it’s about a little robot that works in a dump. Anyway the robot looks like a small cooler version of Johny 5. This video shows a REAL LIFE Wall-E spotted on the streets of L.A. Man i wish I could do fun stuff like this! Anyway enjoy the clip i loved it, and I’m working hard to try to get some pictures up in frames.

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