dport7 faithful you would have been proud…. yes proud indeed. last monday at my weekly kickball match i preformed a feet that made the girls cry, children sing, and grown men to light a cigar in contemplation. it’s been my dream probably my whole life to make a heroic catch in a outfield of some kind. this particular monday that dream was more haunting then ever. i told my good friend (hands) hanley about this and on the next kick she pulled down a catch that by some estimations was solid indeed. this only made my dream seem more mocking…… As i came out on the field the next inning i knew it was time to take life by the ‘balls” and make this dream a reality. As i waited for a kick to come my way my heart pounded with anticipation my hands began to sweat and my mind became clear…. THIS IS IT. The reverberating sound of a freshly kicked ball rang out into the late evening air. All my senses became sharp as my brain raced to judge the point at which it would hit the ground. Without concern for my own safety i dove and caught the red rubber sphere just a half second before it touched down. with the speed of my leap i rolled and popped back up to get the ball to the safety of the infield. I know this picture may not do the catch justice but the look on the face of my teammate behind me says it all.
in other news ian posted some great new pictures check them out.

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