So last thursday night I went to the TODA summer party. It was great to see everyone as always and this time I got a chance to talk to my old boss mark. Turns out that very they had received the first shipment of the chair i had worked on most of the time i was there. this was for some reason extremely exciting for me. Mark said they are being sold at DDC.I haven’t seen them on the website but I’m ganna try and stop in soon and pick one up. Also while I was there I saw the OXO shower caddy I was working on when I left in august 2005. It looks just like it did when I left it, and its in stores now.
Sorry it been sooo long since a post. I’m really having a hard time finding a moment to do this. With SSP08 coming up the entire dport7 office is a flutter with things to do. Don’t forget July 19th watch your inbox for the official invite soon.

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