so it’s been so busy lately. first off where is the summer going? the good news is that last monday i (by the grace of god) got to go to a Yankee’s game with my super good friend Jenn. The game was sooo much fun, only because Jenn is the best. We just sat there laughing the entire game drink’n beer and having an all around great time. Jenn for real send in those pictures there are more than a few worth posting.

Secondly Happy Forth of July everyone! I for one have completely enjoyed the holiday weekend. Kate in another great move planed a little day trip to
Sandy Hook NJ. Kate I Michele and Shay got on a ferry at 10am Friday morning for a short 30min ride out to what looks to be an old military base. Sandy Hook had been used to test weapons and what looks to be a training barracks of some kind. Either way it’s a scenic and lovely place. Once you get off the ferry there are two school buses waiting to take you to 1 of 3 beaches on the island. And yes, for you freedom fighters out there, a nude beach is available for your sunning pleasure. We didn’t visit that beach we were at North beach. It was over cast most of the day but i still managed to get very badly burned…… and yes i was the only one of the group to do so.

Lastly the dport7 SSP08 is in it to win it this year with the invite sent out a week ago. As of course if you didn’t receive your just click here. I have to be honest with you, this is the first year i’ve been a bit embarrassed to send out the invite. in a way i guess it’s a good thing, it means it’s cutting edge. This years going to be huge. many surprises still to come so stay tuned.

lastly sad news tonight my kickball team lost it’s last game. we are out of the playoffs and not chance for the Vegas tournament. i felt sad at the time but I think on the train ride home I got over it.

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