so hope everyone had a great week. The SSP is around the corner and the city is a BUZZ with anticipation for this years party.
in other news (more nerdy news) the App store for the iphone launched last friday. For those of you that got hosed by the update stalling for hours i have something to make it all worth it. One of the free apps on the store is called LOOPT. Download the app here. What it does is allow you to see where your fiends are at when your out. so lets say i’m hanging out in union square and i check Loopt to see that rebecca is there to. I can send a message with loopt to see if she want to meet up. Either way it seems like fun especially here in the city where you can walk past a friend in a crowd and not even know it. I guess technically it’s a social network of sorts. It integrates with facebook so that will make most of you kids happy. Before you get mad and say “well, Paul i don’t have a iphone so i guess this is out of the question”. Stop it right now! go to the Loopt website they support a bunch of phones. Please get on the stick and join this might be the only social network i join……….ever. I posted some screen shots so you could see how it works.
::::Update:::: posted some new pic in frames!!!!

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