It’s official dport7’s SSP has become a New York City summer party institution . I remember when it was just a few people on the roof of a Hells Kitchen apartment standing in Short Shorts having a few beers. Now it’s a full on city wide party with nearly 100% participation and at least 70 people in attendance. This year took the party to the next level by adding the award for shortest shorts. this years winner was Mr.Kevin Hasselwander who showed up in cut off jean shorts with star bedazzled in the back. After taking a consensus from the crowed he seemed to be the most worthy (less gross) candidate. So his name now goes in the long list of SSP winner. As always my favorite part of SSP is seeing all the friends i rarely get to talk to over the course of the year. I really appreciate those of you that have made it so many years in a row and continue to dig out you short shorts every year. I also want to thank the out of towners for making the trip. Ian from singapore, paul from chicago, jon (jew) from Milwaukee, and of course brian from chicago who hates everything about New York, but toughs it out for the party.
So how about the pictures, well I haven’t had time to sort and post in frames (this weekend) but a few people have posted on flicker and picasa (please post more links in the comments)so thanks for the links steve and jon and although this party may be getting to big the entire staff is looking forward to next year. By the way faithful we need a new venue next year soo keep your eyes open and let me know.

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