vacation day 2
day two of the the martha’s vineyard vaca brought some moped fun. that’s right kate faced her fears and hopped on the back for a moped driven by yours truly. we rode all over the island seeing the sights and having a good time. the first stop was the beach. it was really pretty hot and I’m so totally scared of getting burned we only stayed like 3 hours, most of which i slept. Then it was back on the scooter and a quick (as possible the little thing tops out a like 32 mph) tour around the island. On the tour we went through Edgertown which kate has grown quite a liking to. So we took the bus back there after turning in the moped at the end of the day. We thought it might be a good place for dinner and we ended up at “the seafood shanty”. How was it? well lets say we got taken. it was kinda like a red lobster type place and not so good. we are planing to make up for that fauxpeau on the last night on the island with a better meal. stay tuned for more to come!!!
notice Kate’s steven colbert bad, the obama fans out here love it!!

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