ever since people started to realize what podcasts were they’ve been asking “paul when for the love of god is dport7 going to have a podcast?” My answer has always been who’s got the time and what on earth would I talk about. Well the answer is nothing and as i walk home from work to the subway late at night. The show is called me and paul after the Willie Nelson song. The idea is based around the phone conversations i have with Jon “jew” Schulman. Often when i get out of work i call on bother him on my 10 minute walk to the subway. Occasionally these conversations are amusing and we decided to turn it into the dport7 podcast. How it works is i call from my phone to Jon’s Skype number (his computer) and he records it. he then sends the audio to me and i throw it into a podcast, into feeder, then up to the dport7 servers. that entire process is faster than typing out this post. Either way we have already done a few episodes while waiting for itunes to accept the show so please subscribe and enjoy. I’m planing to do a show a week mainly because they are short but who knows maybe more. Please tell your friends and let me know how you like the show. Oh and write some reviews on itunes.

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