after seven years of perfecting my mind control techniques I finally was able to get Kate so say YES!!!! That’s right dport7 faithful this saturday november 1 at around 3pm kate and i were at the boat house in prospect park and i proposed marriage. after a slight tear explosion she said Yes!!! and i breathed a hefty sigh of relief (know never know how these things will go). Yes if you’re wondering i did take a knee, and yes I also called the Rybicki’s to ask if it was alright with them before i popped the question. Although i had hopped to blind side Kate with the proposal i think she saw it coming from a ways away. She knew that this weekend was the 7 year anniversary of our first date way back in college. Also lets face it it’s been a courtship of seven years, some would say it’s about time. I could go on and on but you know me i’m not one to gush. We took a shot right after, and i took a close up of the ring because honestly that was the most intense experience i’ve ever had buying anything.

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