So thanks to everyone that came to our open house last weekend!!!!! It was a great time. if i can get around to it i’ll post some pictures. Anyway lets talk about the new dport7 news. First off i hope your listening to our podcast it’s just as pointless as ever and i just posted our 12th episode. Secondly i wanted to share with the dport7 faithful the new Official dport7 robot i’m working on. As some of you might have noticed the current dport7 kilroy is a bit boxy and not very posable. As such i’ve been thinking for a while now about redesigning him with all the joints built in so he would be completely posable. thus a much better mascot for the site. I usually just drop this stuff on the site after i’ve finished but because this is going to be such a long process i thought i’d share the journey. Here is a quick rendering of the leg as you can see it’s fully able to be positioned and the ball at the top will fit into the torso as (you guessed it) a ball socket joint. Stay tuned for the progress and let me know what you think.
Have a happy thanksgiving !!!

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