well everyone here it is the start of the holiday’s, thanksgiving. It’s never been my favorite holiday till this year. For some reason I’ve really looked forward to it. I guess I just needed a break from the city. Out here in defiance ohio the hours seem to go by a little slower. I don’t know if it’s all the kittens running around in a fury or if it’s just that there’s literally no one else around for at least a solid mile. either way it’s a nice break. Check out the picture below, I took a quick snapshot of the annul dport7 staff thanksgiving. this year i packed up the entire staff and we all came back to Ohio for a thanksgiving to remember. Although we had to let much of the staff go due to the economic collapse the few remaining were more than happy to come along. Apparently i failed to mention that once we got here they were expected to cook the dinner. tensions seem to be running a bit high as a result but i’m sure the trip home will find me drowning in invite thankyous. Never the less We all hope everyone out there in internet land has a happy thanksgiving and remembers to eat and drink responsibly and not to get in and religious or political conversations with family members. It only leads to hurt feelings and strained relationships. not that i would know.

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