The end of the very short vacation is here. We both with it was possible to spend a week here and feel some real relaxation. Maybe in a few years i guess. Anyway the last 2 day can only be summed up with one word and that is beach. Friday we walked over to Jetties Beach is pretty calm. No waves at all really just how you would imagine a New England beach. This year kate was able to get me in the water. Which is tough because the cold coast water is not my friend. After a day at the beach listening to the “locals” tell there children how beautiful and smart they are we started our walk back the Century House.
After a appetizer and a drink we headed to 21 Federal for dinner. As you may have gathered from the name it was a bit more fancy than we expected. Not to be disappointed the food was great. I had the steak and Kate had the Pork loin and half lobster. After all that fancy time we then head to accomplish our island goal by snagging a cab and heading to the Chicken Box.
The Chicken Box was a kind of strange paradox. From the interior and exterior it seemed like a locals place. Somewhere the privileged kids wouldn’t even think to go. Long story short the band began to play and this junior senator looking kid white guy danced out on the floor took off is ribbon belt his buddies started to limbo under it. Kate then told me we had to leave before we both got in a fight… No one named Baby, we checked all the corners just in case.
Our last day was much the same except we rented a scooter and checked out some beaches with waves. Dinner at Dune sadly not so great.
We are sad to be back but you gotta work right?

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  1. Paulie … haven’t checked the site for the better part of our king’s year 2010 so i’ve spent my post-lunch laziness catching up on your life progress. i heart me some WordPress, it’s a friendly CMS if you don’t have to wade in the PHP too much. i’m thinking about Drupal for my next project.

  2. I’m just beginning to get ill of flickr, it is filling up a growing number of with acici berry spammers plus the relax from the trash they push.

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