Don’t worry I didnt forget about you. Check this out, we were at the airport at crazy o’clock in the morning and the plane was delayed. Jet Blue is awesome and the free wifi in the terminal keep us happy. Once the plane boarded and took off i fell asleep and woke up in Nantucket only 5 minutes later than our scheduled time of arrival. If only JetBlue flew more out of LGA I’d never stray.
We couldn’t check in till 2 so we got a Lobster Omelet and a few Bloody Mary’s and tied to wait it out. A little advice if your at the Even Keel, they make a pretty good Lobster Omelet but they gouge you on the Bloody Mary’s just FYi.
We walked around the harbor where all the boats are parked and man oh man that just makes you feel bad. Massive yachts, where and how do people get all this money? Schools need to start offering classes on making more money. All this hand holding talking about doing what you love is a racquet. I would love owning a vacation home and a huge yacht my friends and I could sail round and party on.
After a thunder storm and and afternoon nap we went for a drink at the Club Car, and made some local friends. This part is kind of a long story. We met this lady named Donna. She has been here for 8 weeks with her son and was happy because she felt they had really bonded right before he left for college. Then the conversation turned dark. She had received a text message from her boyfriend on her way here 8 weeks ago. He wanted to break up. Kate made the observation that he was a coward because he broke up with her over text message. We all agreed and then went on to tell us all about him. They both live in Montclair although she claims that it’s “her town”. According to Donna Montclair is like a little Manhattan with the best restaurants in the world, many of them owned by her EX. This kind of talk went on for a while and Donna seemed to be getting less and less coherent. Recognizing this herself she decided it was time for dinner and made her way around the bar saying good by to the bar staff. Before she left as not to leave us alone in the bar she introduced us to her friend Trevor.
Trevor is a Scottish roofer that has been on the Island for 20 years building his company. Most of his roofing work is in the off season. From what we could gather the rest of his days are spent having a good time. Trevor was in his early 50’s married and had a daughter. He also knew just about every lady in the bar. There seemed to be a bit of tension between Donna and Trevor and at one point there was a slight mention of a Hot tub incident of which Kate and I couldn’t quite muster the courage to get into. I’m not certain but Donna’s exit from the Club Car seemed now to be directly related to the appearance of another women that we can’t remember the name of but was younger hand had long black curly hair. Presumably not Trevor’s wife. At this point I think everyone had had enough to drink and dinner was urgently needed.

Kate and I once again head to the Lobster/tourist Trap. Another great lobster dinner. check out the proof below.

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  1. Kate look great! Trevor looks kinda creepy….oh wait that’s Paul…awkward! Well glad you guys had fun! Ps loving the podcast….Indeed…loving the podcast.

    Just like we need more cowbell…we need more Kate! My unwanted advice.

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