It’s that time of year again. We are off to Nantucket on what the great Tyson Thorne once dubbed our “White Peoples Vacation”. Although unintentional it seems to be indisputably true. Kate and I have been visiting this old whaling island for a few years. I have to admit it’s grown on me. At first I complained about all the waspie people but after some thought realized that although we may be on the same island as these folks they still exists on a plain of wealth that seem invisible to our middle class eyes. Thus the island seem almost deserted and relaxing.
This year Kate and I have two goals for the trip. First, for several years now we’ve been recommended a locals place called the Chicken Box. Till now the name has always slipped our minds while on the island. NOT this time my friends. Second, (Kate’s idea) we stay on the island and become dance instructors for the rich folks. We take a young girl under our wing named Baby and we teach her dance. After a long and tedious learning period, Baby gains self esteem while learning to trust people. I have to admit this plan sounds familiar some how.
I’ll be posting often so check back.

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend, full of sun, sand, biking, walking, shopping, swimming and lobster. Love to you both

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