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This Sunday the 27 is the big race. That’s right we thought there was plenty of time and then one day it’s next weekend. Let me fill you in on my progress. As you know about a month and a half ago I hurt my knee over training. This really put me out of the game. I lost all my momentum….. it was a disaster. Then 3 weeks ago we all went up to Baltimore to test out the course. I had my first real run in about a month and it was a epic fail. I don’t even think I made it half way. Needless to say this was extremely upsetting. Now the rest of the team did great and i worried that I would embarrass myself when the race day came.
With 3 weeks till the race I knew that a strict routine was my only option. So I’ve been running a 5K around the park every other day and surpassingly the knee seems to be handling it fairly well. Dr. John gave me some strength building stretches to do for the knee along with a ice and Alive regiment.
With the race days way, i have to be honest i’m a bit worried. The Baltimore course it extremely hilly. I train in Prospect Park and it is completely flat compared to the course. The worst train for my knee is step down hills and Baltimore certainly has it’s share of those.
Either way I’ll survive. I just hope I can complete the course with a decent time that is at least respectable for my age and overall physical ability.

Hey is anyone watching the World Cup? I’ve caught myself watching a few games. I’ll say this for the worlds favorite sport. It puts me to sleep at least twice during the game. They are short naps that always durning the precious moment when a goal is scored. Things i like about “football” there is a 90 minute clock that never stops (accept for halftime). I prefer this over american football where it seems as if the clock stops after every play.

No we haven’t gotten new iPhones yet don’t even ask. The pre-orders are pushed back to mid july. I can and will wait!

bad picture of the Baltimore teams

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