as you may have heard it’s a new year, and with that brings “change”. this being the year of “change” got kate and I thinking. what if we use all this “change” momentum to do something in our own lives? after some though and some help from friends we decided that “change” should rest squarely on the shoulders of a little cat named buttFUZZ. that’s right we are ganna keep the “change” ship sailing by teaching our cat to poo in a human toilet! (i’ll give you a moment to recover)……………….. How the hell are you going to do that paul? I’ll tell you. Maiken (good friend of dport7) told us of this device and process called citikitty or as i call it shittyKitty (they should have consulted before naming it). anyway shittykitty is a plastic tray of sorts that fits on your toilet under the lid. you put the kitty litter in it and the cat uses it as a litter box. you then over time remove pieces of the tray until the cat is sitting on the toilet seat using the bathroom as you or i would. what’s great is no litter clean up. currently buttFUZZ likes to kick the litter around after she’s done her business leaving an endless cleanup job for us. in a few week the mess is over and the cost of kitty litter is a thing of the past. with all the money we’ll save kate and i can buy a boat…………. or go to dinner, we’ll have to see what the numbers look like.
Anyway i thought it might be funny to document buttFUZZ’s progress. in a way the whole thing seems kinda pet owner crazy but it may turn out to be the best thing ever. stay tuned!!!! this is buttFUZZ using it for the first time. had to take the shot via iphone better quality next time. this is serious stuff.

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