In the spirit of documentation I’d like to tell you about a little project I’m working on. As many of you might remember from my first post ever (scroll to bottom) I “found” 3 Eames school shell chairs in my short stint in Cincinnati at the hospital’s smoking hut. Because they were owned by a institution they have what’s called the school legs on them and over the years those legs have rusted and fallen apart. For years now I’ve vowed to buy new legs and repair these chairs. After asking around I found a place online in California called modernica that sells the new more stylish legs I was after. As it turns out the Eiffel legs don’t have the same hole pattern that the school legs do. After some sadness i found a website that shows how to remove the old hole pattern and set up a new one, by replacing the shock absorbers. The next challenge was finding the shock absobers. Leave it to ebay to have what you need. I just recived the parts yesterday and with any luck in the next week or so I’ll have the rest of the process to show you. the picture below is the chair disasembled with two of the shock absorbers pried off.

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