update time!!!! So over the past week the chair saga has continued….In the last post I was taking off the old shock absorbers at the apt. I then took the shells to work where there is a small workshop to do the sanding and the gluing for the new shock attachment. As always doing anything in the city with no car and public trans is a challenge. Lucky for me Monday was a holiday so the trains were mostly empty. I was able to carry all three chair shells in with me on my way to work (my office doesn’t observe MLK day). As planed I went in to work early and stayed late all week to complete all the sanding and gluing and now today Friday I’m able to take them home. I posted a few shots of the process for you. Why? Because I know you care deeply.
Hey Paul, how’s the ShittyKitty thing working out? I’m glad you asked. buttFUZZ is seeming to adjust to it pretty smoothly. We removed the first ring and she didn’t freak out and still jumps up on the toilet to use it. I don’t have any pictures but I did walk in on her one time and saw she was sitting with all four paws on the seat while she was taking care of her business. So that’s a good sign.
Stay tuned I’ll post some pics of the finished chairs this weekend. I’m sure your dieing see the finished project.

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