Hey check this out! I found this today. It’s a Bamboo iphone case that you can get etched with a design of your creation. Check out the site it’s pretty cool. Although with the new iPhone coming out soon I know I’ll have to wait. Be on the look out for a dport7 branded iPhone case on the streets by the end of the summer. The company is called grove and I have to hand it to them I like this.

So here’s the think I like the new WordPress situation we have going on here. Although I do have one major complaint. The spam in the comments is out of control. Someone fix this please. ( I say that knowing I’m the one that has to do the fixing) needed to vent.

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  1. I thot t’was going to b some tiring old stuff, but it really compensated 4 my time. I’ll put a link 2 this page on my site. I am sure visitors will find it very very useful.

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