Washington DC…… The political epicenter of our nation. Kate and I visited this weekend to not only see a few of our friends, but to enjoy the spectacle that is DC. I’ve only been there once before when I was maybe 12 or so. I know I saw just about everything but the memories like so many from that age are faded. The main objective of the trip was to go to Jen and Wayne’s engagement party outside DC somewhere in Maryland. We drove down on friday after work (in the A4 company car…..fancy! (yes I’m bragging)) and arrived in DC at about 11:30 or so. When driving to DC especially downtown avoid the traffic circles. Listen I lives in Savannah for 4 years and mastered the navigation around circles and squares. DC has going out of there way to make this experience not only frustrating but nearly impossible. I can’t even describe what’s it’s like. I can’t help but think it maybe some clever metaphor for the inane inner workings of our own federal government just a few blocks away.
Saturday we went’s sight seeing with Jen and out friends Jon (jew) and Danielle. I of course wanted to go to the Air asnd Space Museum being that it is filled with awesome. We saw the Spirit Of St. Louis and the Space Capsule ‘s that the Astronauts come back to Earth in. I didn’t want to bore everyone else to much so after we saw the Space Monkey (creepy picture below) we moved out to the Mall for a little frisbee. Then we headed to the American History Museum filled with what I would describe as pop culture history.
Anyway not to bore you just check out the pictures below.
On sunday like I said we went out to the engagement party and it was truly lovely. As you know I grew up Catholic and Jen and Wayne are Jewish. So just hanging out with everyone and hearing the prayers, toasts and what not was really interesting. Everyone was super nice and even though it was a lot of family I didn’t feel all weird and out of place. (normally I do).

In other news the Mad Men Recap has continued to be a powerhouse of success. What’s the secret you ask? Big John Diehl is the secret. The listeners love this guy. The best part and this is true. Several listeners have written us asking if Dr. John is really Jon Hamm. WOW!

creepiest thing ever

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