so the pumas were a bust right? so I went over to nike town on 5th ave and got myself a pair of those nike plus shoes. Why? Well, they have a little bean type thing that you put into the sole of the shoe and then plug another little device into the bottom port of an ipod nano. This allows you to record everything about your run. Time, distance, calories burned, pace,ect. It is great! The only thing confusing me is how after running 4 miles it says I only took 61 steps. I think I need to calibrate it or something. Now we can all follow along with my running progress. I’ll start posting links as soon as I get the nike site figured out. It’s a bit of information over load so give me some time. Get excited. I tried to get the least ugly running shoes I could. I wouldn’t say I failed, but I wouldn’t say I succeeded either.

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