Hey everyone I hope you’re liking the new site! I know it’s a bit of a change but like I said I’m working on bring it back to the level of the old site.

Anyway I’ve mad a bit of progress on the fiat 500 since my last update. I did a lot of the work on the backend. Most of the vents are in and I redid the tire tread. The taillights took way too much effort for reasons I can’t explain. The detail spine on the hood helps the front end look a bit more complete along with all the bumper work both front and back.. The next big thing that needs done is the doors and windows. It seems to really be holding back these renderings. I added some materials in to help show some of the detail I’ve but into the headlights and blinkers. Anyway I hope I can keep it up this has turened in to a much bigger project than I expected.

click here for a larger shot

Let us not forget the Triathlon is coming right up (june 27). So this week I decided that running in my puma street shoes just isn’t proper. So I went and ordered these from zappos, it’s hard to find running shoes that aren’t heinously ugly. Why is that? Do people that run respond to 9 colors jumbled together in what looks like a box of crayons exploded in the box the shoes were shipped in. Anyway, ran 3.48 miles this morning and continuing my training efforts.

Oh and just fyi Kate and I HATE cablevision!!!! they over charge for there crap service and get channels pulled all the time

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