hey everybody!!!! sorry for the absence for the last week. you know what happens things get busy, I get tired. Anyway the weekend before last i participated in the 2009 Idiotarod. If you didn’t gather from the website the Idiotarod is a race consisting of teams dressed up as some sort of theme then run through NYC. The object is to win by any means possible. pushing cheating and throwing of eggs rotten food or hell anything you can find is encouraged. my team was founded by (friend of the site) virgina and special guest Martin shmidt. They each add a few friend and out team turned into a seriouse team of six. It was a solid 6 to 8 miles in total, and let me say it crushed me. I’m tryong to get in shape but this race only proved how far i am from that goal. Looking back on it it was a really great time. We came in 16th out of 100 teams, which as far as I’m concerned is winning. Thanks to Virgina for inviting me to be on the team!!! I’ve never been known for my team spirit but I try. Oh check out the map at the end of the post for the full route!!!

In other new is anyone else sick of Beyonce? Man! I am! Don’t get me wrong she is a attractive young lady but all her videos are the same and it’s starting to really ware on me. I see her videos at the gym and lets just say (Beyonce i’m talking just to you now) I GET IT!!!!! Dudes cheat on you and your friends! I can’t do anything about that! I wish i could but I can’t. It’s your life deal with it. Make a cool video. Look at Kanye West I don’t really like him but at least he puts out new and interesting videos.
Thanks everyone I just needed to say that.

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